Wednesday, July 08, 2009


So this was going to be a Wordless Wednesday, but I like sentences too much.

One of the problems I've found with Bum Genius is that the microfiber inserts hold smells. They get to the point where as soon as your baby pees in them, ammonia will overpower your nose and any other in proximity. It is normal for cloth diapers to get to that point, but our microfiber has gotten there faster and stronger than any other. They say it's due to detergents clinging to the fabric. You can strip them in a few really hot washes. We don't own a machine so that gets expensive time and money-wise, so multiple washes was wasteful. I do own a large pot and a stove, though!

I boiled them multiple times and put a little tea tree oil in the water. While they boiled, I used flats for stuffing in the Bum Genius. Because of ECing Margaret hasn't gone through enough diapers for me to really tell if the stripping worked. I'll let you know. If it didn't work, I'll probably throw out the microfiber inserts and just use flats in the diapers. They are surprisingly absorbent, don't smell as much as the microfiber, fit any size depending on how you fold them, and they dry on the line in less than an hour. Prefolds and the inserts take a few hours on the line.

Line drying diapers view from the building:

Line drying diapers view from the parking lot:
I put the prefolds and inserts in the front because they take so long to dry. The flats are in the back because they are quick.

What are "flats"? Well, I got these from a friend who bought sheets, cut them into squares, and seamed the edges. That's all they are: glorified sheets. You can then fold them into little or big diapers, secure with pins or whatever you use, and then put a cover or soaker on them. Personally, I think they are easier to clean than any of the other kind. When I put them in the pocket diapers, I just fold them into rectangles and stuff the diaper pocket. When we use a cover, we have a fold that puts more of the diaper in the front to catch pee and makes a little pocket in the back to catch poop.


  1. I have had success with pouring a little bleach in with the diapers and then doing an extra rinse to get all the bleach out. Cottonbabies says it is okay for your diapers to do this once a month if need be.

  2. I have bum genius too, I do the same as Sarah, a little bleach when they start to stink... I don't really have any issues unless I go more than 2 days without washing them

  3. I have been having SERIOUS issues with my BG's due to hard water build up on my diapers and stripping them has been pretty ineffective. Nothing has worked. If I had the choice, I would go back and buy cotton or hemp inserts instead of microfiber.

  4. My mum bought us some milton solution for washing fabrics, apparently a lady at The Baby Show said it was the best thing she had found... you just put it in instead of fabric softner.

    This is it, but it's a british website from what I can see...

    We've not had smelly nappies since we went back to using a bio powder instead of the enviromentally friendly one I used for a while... but it's doing the job nicely on the baby clothes that have been in the attic :D

  5. I love flats and that's an excellent idea!


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