Thursday, July 30, 2009

More about "Good"

So on Tuesday when I wrote up my post about how Red #40 affected me, I remembered another time where I had received a blessing that referred to doing things that are good for me and thought I'd write about it. That was the fall of 2007 when I was pregnant with Margaret. At the time I was around 15/16 weeks pregnant. I was thinking of interviewing midwives for prenatal care, but wasn't 100% on board with that idea. I was also having horrible migraines that caused me to lose the feeling in half my tongue and part of my right hand. Part of me wondered if I was having a stroke. I considered seeing a neurologist, but assume they'd send me to an OB and if I went to an OB, I figured I'd be sent to a neurologist. I decided to ask for a blessing.

I was told in that blessing that I would not be bothered by migraines for the remainder of the pregnancy- which was true and I haven't had one since the birth either. I was also told to "do only that which you know is good for the baby." I got the impression that if something was "neutral" I shouldn't do that: I had to KNOW it was good. For example, when I researched ultrasounds, I didn't find a lot of evidence against them, but I didn't find anything that said they improved the outcome either. It was something that was "neutral" and since I couldn't conclude that an ultrasound was "good," I didn't do one. I didn't do the gestational diabetes test because 1) I wasn't gaining weight too quickly or having symptoms of it, and 2) it didn't sound good for my baby to drink down a cocktail of sugars. This is also why I didn't get the free flu vaccine offered for people who worked for the Provo School District. After all the emphasis they put on not having fish because of mercury, it didn't seem good to get a shot that had mercury in it.

I don't know why, but it seems that Heavenly Father wants me to be an active participant in my health and nutrition. Maybe that's not something He emphasizes with everyone, but it's something He's asked me to do multiple times. Maybe I'm more prone to problems and so I need to be especially careful about what goes into me. Maybe it's that Margaret is prone to problems and she needs me to be an example of good nutrition and to supply her with breastmilk that isn't tainted with chemicals. Maybe it's that when I'm not on Red #40 I can feel the Spirit more.

So that's part of why I try to buy organic and eat whole foods, among other reasons. I'm trying to ask myself, "Is this good for me?" instead of "Is this bad for me?"


  1. That IS a good question to ask yourself. When I was pregnant and asked for a blessing, I was told something I didn't want to hear "to listen to my doctors." That was very hard to hear because I wanted a home birth, an unassisted birth, or at least have a birth with a midwife at the hospital. But to listen to my scary doctors? That was hard. But how can you argue with the Lord? But it's very possible that listening to my doctor saved my baby's life.

    Anyway, that's way off on a tangent. I just found out that some yogurt I bought has artificial flavors and colorings. It shocked me because I thought it was a safe brand. I couldn't even finish it after I read Red #40 on the label.

    So I'm with you. If it's not going to benefit my body, why should I put it in my body? We can be so much healthier if we only put good stuff into our bodies, which I think is important for everyone--because ALL of our bodies are temples.

  2. ok, 2nd time trying to post this comment, sigh.

    I totally agree with you on this. I gave up food colors in pregnancy and haven't looked back. I try not to freak if I get a little at somebody's party or something, because other than that, I never eat them. We also don't eat HFCS and MSG and alot of other scary acronyms, lol. Once you decide to do this and start reading labels you'll be shocked by all the food you can't eat/is terribly bad for you. We don't eat yogurt either, but that wasn't too hard for us and we avoid dairy, but one of the big shockers for me was pickles! Pretty much all pickles have yellow #5 in them. Stupid! I've always loved pickles, especially when I was pregnant, so cliche, I know! Luckily I managed to find a "hippie" version at Sunflower Markets that wasn't too expensive, sans yellow #5. But it's impossible at most regular grocery stores. Another one that's hard is jello. I don't love jello anyway, but i don't mind if it's offered at somebody's house (as it inevitably is in Utah) but all instant jello have massive amounts of artificial food coloring, so I don't have any jello anymore. I kind of wish I could figure out how to make old fashioned jello, with gelatin and fruit juice, or something like that.

    I also love how you put this. I always get that comment "how bad can it be?" in an eye rolling way. Maybe we should be asking, "how good can it be?". I always kind of want to say, but am too nice, thank goodness, "maybe you should study the word of wisdom, which says to eat 'wholesome' food. Processed food and chemical additives are by no means wholesome".

    ok, rant over, great post!


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