Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No 'Poo update

I think it's been 8 or 9 weeks- somewhere about 2 months that I've been going No 'Poo.

Observations at this point:

  • Too much scrubbing of baking soda WILL frizz out your hair.
  • Using too much bakingsoda will cause buildup. Need to find a happy medium there.
  • Putting in curlers every time you do your hair will cause breakage.
  • Unlike Shampoo, No 'Poo will not strip your hair of its oils. It will get it clean, but it won't be oil-free. An important acknowledgment: Oil in your hair does NOT mean your hair is dirty. Those oils are there to protect your hair.
  • When you wash your hair and get those oils on your hands, water beads up on them in the shower and it's cool.
  • I think I can go longer without washing- like 4 days now.
  • I need to remember to comb out my hair BEFORE I shower. Knotty.
  • The spray-on conditioners (ACV or lemon juice) are AWESOME. I love them more now than I did at the beginning.
  • You can use baking soda for everything. It's magic.
I'm curious about breastmilk as a conditioner. It's magic for everything else- why not hair? I don't know if I'll try it any time soon, but I'd like to at some point.


  1. I was just saying to my husband last night that I don't know what I'm going to do when my baby weans some day because then I won't have BM to use for my skin problems.

  2. What is the state of your hair now? I have been no-'poo for four weeks now. It was going great until a couple days ago, then I realized I was in full blown transition. My hair is soft, but really waxy. When I use my BBB, I get TONS of sebum build up on it. I'm still keeping up with it though!

    I was actually thinking about making breast milk soap. I wonder if it would be super beneficial? I found a recipe here: http://traditionalmidwife.com/mothersmilksoap.html

    It seems like a lot of work, and I would have to buy a lot of stuff to make it, too. So, I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to it.

  3. Oh man, I am so jealous that you have enough breastmilk around to consider using it as a conditioner! I am not what you would call a high milk producer. But I'm glad your experiment is going well! I gave up on no pooing, but I did find some sulfate free shampoo that I really like so far, so that is a happy medium for me!

  4. When I said, "I will at some point" I meant "I will whenever I have another baby and have enough milk for a small country." I'm like that in the early days, though I still have a good strong let down.

  5. I was just reading your June guest post at PhD in Parenting. You said "I wish there was more pumping experience in our group, but there isn’t. Maybe it’s because moms who pump and work full time don’t have time to devote to LLL. I’m sure they’d rather spend their evenings with their children."

    This is exactly true. I haven't ever needed any help or advice with breastfeeding (after the first few weeks with my first), so I didn't ever have a NEED to go to LLL. I have thought about going, but don't want to be away from home more than necessary.

    I was thinking I could write a guest post or be a resource for pumping advice, but I don't really feel like my experience 'counts'. Most pumping moms have to fight for every ounce they get. I always had overactive letdown, so I was pumping up to 20 ounces in a 20-minute session! With my last baby, I went back to work when he was 3 weeks old. At first I pumped twice per day, but very soon I was down to once per day and made plenty of milk just fine. This is absolutely not what most pumping moms go through. They end up pumping 4+ times per day just to get enough.

  6. Baking soda IS magic.

    With my new homemade shampoo, I used conditioner afterwards and ended up with a greasy head. I threw out my conditioner - the shampoo doesn't strip oils and has a squirt of almond oil. Still, it takes some getting used to because my hair is usually dry and frizzy.

  7. Have you tried mixing baking soda half and half with honey? I haven't had the frizzies since using that mixture, whereas baking soda on its own would often frizz me out.
    I've been No Poo for 6 months now, and I love it to bits! Absolutely no desire to go back to stripping off my hair's natural oils. This just feels too good, and my scalp is in the best condition EVER.


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