Friday, July 31, 2009

Virtual Nurse-in this next week

Tomorrow marks the first day of World Breastfeeding Week. In celebration of this, M.I.L.C. will be having another virtual nurse-in. Facebook is still removing pictures as "obscene" and frankly, they aren't even following their own policies- which is currently that nipple or areola = offensive. Pictures that don't show either are still being removed.

Anyway, with this going on, Facebook has made a statement which you can read here. My favorite part is, "The small number of photos we have removed are of naked women who happen to be breastfeeding."

Really, Facebook? Are you saying I was naked in this picture?

Let's see: pants, shirt, bra (which isn't pictured, but was there), shoes and socks even! If that's naked, then Facebook, there are a LOT more pictures you need to remove.

What bugs me most about their statement is that 1) There are pictures that AREN'T naked that are being removed and they are misrepresenting their position and demonizing the mothers. 2) Sometimes you show some skin while breastfeeding but that doesn't make breastfeeding lewd or indecent. And 3) They are still sexualizing women who are not doing anything sexual. Breastfeeding isn't sexual and a woman breastfeeding is not portraying sex in any form.

Facebook, stop sexualizing our bodies! It's breastfeeding, not a strip tease.

You can see many of the removed pictures here. None of the pictures are sexually explicit. They are all beautiful pictures of mothers mothering. If you scroll to the last picture on the page, you can't even tell if the body part the baby is leaning on is a breast or part of an arm. One picture is of a baby lying on a daddy's chest.

These next pictures are in the public domain, so I can post them. Of course, they are obviously too naked for Facebook, so they were removed. I wish my "birthday suit" was so extravagant!
Please join in with the nurse-in this next week.

Oh and a bit of cuteness: when I was at the tera site, Margaret was looking at the pictures with me. She pointed to them and signed "baby."


  1. At the University of Utah art museum there is a picture of a mother leaning toward a baby with her breast out. And the milk is squirting out all over :)

  2. Very shocking. I have posted about this on my blog too - just to spread the message. Thanks for making me aware of it.


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