Thursday, August 13, 2009

Giving Blood

Last night I gave blood. I do this pretty regularly- pretty much every 8 weeks. Last night after I was taking off the brightly colored sticky armband that they use to keep the gauze on after you give. And I had an interesting thought process.

Ow ow ow ow. You'd think they'd be able to come up with a material that would only stick to itself and not to your arm hair. This is a big improvement from band-aids, though. Of course, if they came up with such a material, I bet it'd be all chemicals and really bad for the environment. Well, it's not like you can recycle this stuff either. Recyclable/reusable and not sticky? Well, I do have just regular cloth bandage wraps in our first aid kit. HOLY COW! Those wouldn't hurt to take it off AND it would be reusable! Do you think they'd go for it if I brought my own bandage in when I give blood next time? They'd probably think I'm crazy. I wonder how much waste that would actually prevent. Well, if I get a lot of people on board, it could be this whole big movement thing and save a lot of waste. TopHat, you're worried about the waste of a tiny bit of stretchy plastic? Well, I give blood pretty regularly, I'm sure it adds up. I wonder what other things I could cut waste on that I hadn't thought of before. Hmm...

Then I was like, "Are you seriously this crunchy that little waste bothers you?" Maybe. I wasn't a year ago. You just get sucked into this vortex of environmental awareness.

Of course, since I knit, I also remembered my friend who crochets bandages and I thought... I don't even have to use the stuff in the first aid kit! I have extra string and yarn lying around!

To be honest, I think I'm actually going to do this. I do give blood very regularly and over my lifetime, it will probably be worth it. Maybe I should advertise this idea on Ravelry. Or maybe I just went over the edge- but I don't think it could hurt. Why not? Maybe I could work it out so that I wouldn't need disposable bandages ever again. Of course, that means no "Spongebob" bandaids on my kids' knees, but I'm not crying over that. Over a lifetime, how many bandages do you throw away? Do you think it adds up?

Ok. I totally realize this is borderline too crunchy, but I still think it's cool.

Also interesting to note. Of the many many times I've given blood, this was the first time they used my right arm. Poor neglected veins over there...


  1. This makes me miss donating blood. I used to do it all the time, but I haven't gotten around to doing it since Bug was born. I like the idea of using cloth bandages though. (I'm getting crunchier day by day, too!)

  2. Sweet, I remember crocheting cloth bandages in YW. Except I couldn't figure out how to crochet to save my life.

    good for you giving blood. I love to donate blood and I wish I could now, but I'm on 3 different medications. Poo. Plus my veins SUCK so most of the time they are like "um, thanks, but go away."

  3. When it comes to medical supplies, I see nothing wrong with disposable items, if it is going to help prevent infection. But a cloth bandage over a cotton ball or gauze shouldn't hurt. I wonder if they'll go for it.

  4. LOL - this reminds me of another blogger who asked the question "Am I going to far by thinking about recycling the paper label of the tin cans?"

    But no, I don't think you're going overboard, and I think it's excellent that you give blood so frequently!


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