Monday, August 10, 2009

Inquisition Monday

I still need to finish up some of Jamie's questions before moving on to others, so that's what I'm doing today. Next week we'll move on!

What influenced you to babywear?
When I was pregnant, I wanted a UC. On the UC boards, lots of people talked about breastfeeding and LLL, so I started going to LLL. Then at LLL I found some people who have a playgroup and I was invited to it. Those moms pretty much introduced me to babywearing. Besides learning about carriers by being around them, the playgroup had these things called "Babywearing Parties." You go and bring all your carriers to show them off. The first one I went to was also a sewing party for people who wanted to sew slings while at the party. Before Margaret was born I sewed one sling, bought one wrap, was given another as a gift, and had some fabric that I just tied without rings or anything to start me off. Starting off small, you see? I have since also aquired a pouch sling, another ring sling, and a Mei Tai.
Come to think of it, we haven't had a babywearing party in a while, I should bring that up in the group. And if any of you out there near Provo are interested, you can come even if you aren't officially in the playgroup, of course.

Who taught you to knit, how long have you been knitting, and do you/have you had a favorite knitting project?
I learned to knit at a Young Women's activity when I was 12. I may have been 13; I was in seventh grade. I know this because I was knitting at the science fair.

My first project was a dishcloth. Since I liked it well enough; I got a book and taught myself the rest. Essentially, I'm self-taught. There are some advantages to that, but lots of disadvantages. It wasn't until about 3 years ago when I taught myself continental style that I learned I had been purling incorrectly the whole time. When I first tried to do colorwork, I used the fair isle technique and my sweater vest looked so horrible I had to frog it. A few months later I learned intarsia. If only I had known!

I think the project that I am most proud of is this dress. It was for a swap so I'll never see it again. I'd like to make one for Margaret.
Now, I think this next project is really cool. The artist is a genius. :) It says, "You are stronger than you think." Of course, if you think such things are an eyesore and no better than common graffiti, then I'll say that the deplorable act was done by the worst sort of delinquent out there and I am glad I don't know who it is.
As of last Saturday, this can still be found on Center Street in Provo. It's been there since sometime around midnight of July 17. I have a knitting blog and I post on it when I get pictures. Unfortunately I sometimes forget to take pictures before I send out swaps and gifts in the mail. And for some reason my knitting momentum slowed a bit about 16 months ago.

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  1. Oh I would love to come to one of those babywearing parties... let me know when another one comes up! I always get so many compliments and questions about my ring sling when I wear it, and Shaely sleeps like nothing else! ...we're both very happy :)


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