Monday, August 17, 2009

Inquisition Monday

K La asked
Are you a vegetarian? Being LDS, what is your take on meat in the Word of Wisdom? Have you considered how meat plays into "only that which is good?"
My basic question is: "How often do you eat meat and why?"

I'm not a vegetarian; we eat meat somewhere between 0 and 2 times a week. My reasonings for this include trying to limit it and eat meat sparingly, it's a pain to defrost meat in time for dinner, and not buying meat means I have money to buy produce.

One argument I read recently about the "only in times of winter, or of cold, or of famine" contingency on meat was that with modern things like central air and grocery stores being 2 blocks from the house, the body doesn't ever hit "winter" mode to necessitate meat. I thought that was an interesting point.

About 2 years ago, I decided to limit our meat intake. This was easy because I HATE defrosting meat. I don't know why; it's just a few minutes in the microwave, but it bothers me to no end. I guess I don't like it because it throws off y cooking groove. Who wants to wait for meat to defrost? And who remembers to set it out early? I immediately discovered that the best thing about meat is that you don't actually need it in a meal: stir fry? fajitas? pasta? You can leave out the meat and it's still a meal! Magic! So I started doing that.

So that's it. I don't really have a huge thought on it. Vegetarian cooking is just easier for me. I do think we need to eat more fish. Those omega-3s seem pretty promising.

Meat-related tidbit:
Last winter, I noticed Margaret wouldn't eat chicken because it was bland. She loved sausage and pepperonis, though, because of their spiciness. That's when I realized that she's right: chicken is too bland. Why on earth have I been eating chicken all these years? I don't know. I think I'm done with chicken though.

Next week I'm answering some questions Joe emailed me. After that, I'm out of questions to respond to, so go ahead and ask away!


  1. Yay, I'm next! hehe

    This is a really cool idea btw

    And related to the post: that's kind of the view I have too. I still like some meat, I think that the body needs SOME of it (esp. fish, more of those that aren't full of mercury if possible, but salmon is pretty ok in that department and chock-full of omega's - and one of the only seafood/fish I'll eat LOL), but I think that in a general sense, we put WAY too much emphasis on it (and no one should eat too much red meat, anyway).
    You're very right: a meal can be delicious and filling even without meat! We ate a vegetable and beans ratatouille with veggies from our basket this evening and it was 1) yum, 2) healthy, and 3) filling & satisfying :)

  2. Sausage and pepperonis are also filled with additives to stimulate the senses :)

    p.s. perhaps we're told to eat meat in the winter because we do need some nutrition from it, but such nutrition can be stored and isn't necessary year-round (fat soluble vitamins)

    p.p.s. I read omega-3's are heat sensitive

  3. I really like poultry and prefer it to pork or beef, so does my daughter. Today we learned that said daughter does not like garlic. Who would have thought?

  4. I used to not like chicken either.. but then I played with using more herbs, spices and marinades... and now I am liking it again. ;)

  5. I think Annalise is right. I recently learned (after musing about this topic myself) that the vitamins in meat can be stored in the body. Just like we can store up vitamin D in the summer, we can store up vitamin B12 in the winter. I also notice I start to crave meat in the colder months. I'm totally with you on the meat defrosting. I always make my husband do it. I much prefer to buy the meat fresh and use it right away. And yes, chicken is bland unless you season it!

  6. It is fun to see how many meals you can make meatless! Stuart doesn't like chicken either. It is definitely a food that takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with. High in protein though. There is a girl in my childbirth class who is vegan, and she is the only one who can get in 80 grams of protein a day! Go soy, beans, and brown rice!


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