Thursday, August 06, 2009


I haven't shared a lot of articles lately because I do a lot of that on Facebook, but I thought I'd go through and post my favorite recent (and non-recent) articles here.

A take on the doll in Spain marketed for breastfeeding
Trouble pumping enough for a premie? Try combining pumping with hand expression.
How offensive is breastfeeding, really?
You know the steam from articles earlier this year claiming there's no advantage to breastfeeding? Yeah, they misquoted.
Pleading guilty for breastfeeding while drunk?
Cavities and breastfeeding
Need some confidence nursing in public? This post is a year old, but it's a great booster.
Breastfeeding Support Bags in hospitals

Delaying cord clamping, even for a minute, can help premies
Restaurant Wars and Birth Wars is a reply to The Birth Wars

20 Alternatives to spanking or time-outs
Hold your children (older study from Harvard)
Gentle Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips

Self-esteem Awareness Month follows Golds' "Cankles" Awareness Month
Feminist and Non-Feminist attitudes towards men

Walkability scores- our address received an 89, very walkable. That's one of my favorite things about where we live. This is also why I don't like new developments- everything is so far away.
Curing blindness with stem cells. Earlier this week I was having eye troubles and went to the optometrist. After reading this and knowing breastmilk has stem cells in it, I considered breastmilk eye drops...


  1. Loved the breastfeeding doll article. :)

    New developments - hear 'ya. Well, actually, we are quite close to loads of things. It's just that the road to enter our development is still the small country road it was before houses started soaring up - i.e. 80 km/h limits with no sidewalks. So... can't "safely" walk out, even though I could distance-wise!! But I'm only 2 min away from all the major stores I go to! heh
    (lol, got 15/100 - car dependent. Meh. I do walk a lot though! Interesting site!)

  2. The Harvard paper (the one you linked to with 'Hold Your Children') isn't actually a study, although it's very frequently misrepresented as such. It's a paper in which two psychologists theorise that infants in traditional societies may grow up to be psychologically better adjusted than infants from our society, but provide absolutely no evidence to support this. You can find it if you google 'Commons Miller Harvard' - it's the one called 'Emotional Learning In Infants - A Cross-Cultural Examination.' (I tried to cut and paste the link, but it won't work for some reason.) People are always linking to that newspaper article as 'evidence' that practices in this society are harmful, but I think it important to point out that the article wasn't a study and provided no evidence of anything. Just because Commons and Miller believed that bedsharing helps to prevent PTSD doesn't make it true.

  3. I enjoyed the breastfeeding and cavities article you posted. My DD has had extensive dental problems, including two extractions and three stainless steel crowns before she turned two. She is 3, still nursing, and does not have any more cavities. Now that the disease in her mouth is under control, her teeth are healthy again.


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