Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mama Cloth

What was I sewing in yesterday's picture?

Mama Cloth. Almost a year ago, I said I'd like to stop using disposable menstrual products. That post was written right before my first postpartum period. I had some pads leftover from my 10 week lochia experience so I used those for my first period, but I had heard that using cloth instead of modified bleached paper for your menstrual products could shorten your periods- even lessen your cramps.

I decided to try it the next month. I didn't have any cloth pads or a Diva Cup, but I did have some Gerber Prefolds* sitting around doing nothing. When my period came, I took a prefold, folded it up, and used it as a pad.

I discovered that the worst cloth diaper on the market makes really great mama cloth! Also, my period was shorter by 3 whole days! Who doesn't want to knock 3 days off their period? Plus, the disposable pads always gave me a diaper-rash-like rash. Always. Cloth: nope!

Around last November, I considered buying a Diva Cup. I didn't for two reasons: 1) I thought I might get pregnant since I was having cycles and since you can't use a Diva Cup for lochia, it would be a waste to buy. 2) I'm so afraid of toxic shock syndrome that I don't like using tampons. Having something up in me for hours at a time freaks me out. I don't care if it's medical grade silicon, it gives me the heebiejeebies. So I continued to use my make-shift mama cloth.

The biggest problem with using folded burp cloths was that they were bulky. I figured I deserved something pretty, so I cut up those stained bulky mama cloth and used them as the soaker part of some shiny new mama cloth. It's so shiny it sparkles.

Well, of course it would sparkle and glitter. I probably should have added rhinestones: I am a goddess after all!

*I mentioned this on InfiKnity, but I wanted to mention it here, too. If you are boycotting Nestle, don't buy Gerber. Nestle bought them a couple of years ago.


  1. I never heard about the shorter & less cramp part! I just ordered some cloth pads myself last week so I've yet to try it. But that's cool. Although without wanting to make anyone jealous, my periods are about 3 days (2 of which are light) to start with, so I don't know how much shorter it can get ;-) But I could certainly use the less cramp!

    I hear ya about the Diva cup. For me, it's just the idea of it. For some reason, I can't phantom collecting it a cup. It's just.... eww. But on a pad, pff, no biggie. It's the same thing... but still. Eww. :)

    I'm looking forward to getting them! And learning how to make my own. I would like sparkles too!

  2. P.S. The prefold idea is genius. I have a bunch here too that we're not using anymore - I didn't really like them as a diaper.

  3. That's interesting about the shorter periods. Mine just decided to split themselves in half (half at their regular time, and the rest mid-month--what the heck is that all about??) Anyway, I did NOT know that about Gerber. I don't buy their food but I did buy their prefolds and I just bought a fork/spoon set from them. Now I know better.

    So, I am you just let your pads get all stained or do you use some method for getting the stains out? I hate stains, but I guess it shouldn't matter with something like this.

  4. I waited for quite awhile before I bought a Diva Cup, but I've had it for about 3 years now and love mine. The reason I held off buying it is much the same as yours. There's no risk of Toxic Shock though and collecting it in a cup is no grosser then having to take a cloth pad full of blood and wash it... and you only have to empty it twice a day. My periods were shorter by about 2 days, less heavy as well.

    Not to sway you from your prefolds, but I think the Diva Cup is pretty awesome :) It's great for when I have to travel because it's just one tiny thing to put in my luggage

  5. Those are very pretty!


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