Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Try, Try Again

On Sunday, Margaret woke up sick. Benefit of co-sleeping: you can hear your child wake up so you can get her to the bathroom before she throws up on herself. Less sheets to clean!

Anyway- because she wasn't feeling well, McKay and I took turns attending the temple dedication. I took morning and he took afternoon. When I got back from the dedication, Margaret was sleeping away. Now, McKay doesn't lactate so I asked him how he did it. He said he took her on a walk and then sang to her and she fell asleep. Magic!

Then for Monday's nap, Margaret was TIRED. So tired. She kept requesting "Good Night Moon" and I read it to her over and over and every time we got to the end, she burst into tears and wanted it again. Very tired. I tried the breast, but she refused it, so I asked McKay.

"Have you tried singing to her? Taking her on a walk?"

Right. So I sang to her and after about 5 minutes she was sleepy enough to take the breast and fall asleep.

Then today it happened again. Very upset crying toddler, refusing the breast. Singing! Yes, it'll work! It didn't. Then I remembered McKay's suggestion for a walk. I put her in the Mei Tai, got my breast out and she nursed while I hummed to her and walked her around the block. Before even 1 lap was completed, she was out. Brought her inside and put her in the bed, giving her the breast as a way to keep her sleeping in the transition from Mei Tai to bed.

Singing and walks used to be pretty regular things I'd try, but lately breast has been enough, so I didn't think about them. I'm glad McKay reminded me. Sometimes you just need to remember to try other things and try things that used to work.

Instead of spending 20 minutes nursing her down, both singing and the walk worked within 10 minutes and neither involved crying. One thing I'm learning is that there's always something else to try. Another thing I'm learning is that she has her own time table and when I want her to sleep is different from when her body needs it.

What other things have you tried? Share so we can all take notes. Please no CIO suggestions.


  1. Bug loves to snuggle up in bed like mommy and daddy do: with a pillow and blankets pulled up to his chin. Sometimes, if he is fighting sleep, I will lay down in bed with him and "sleep" until he relaxes enough, and then I nurse him down the rest of the way. (To get him all the way asleep, I usually nurse him. I haven't exactly figured out how to get him to sleep without the breast!)

  2. Swimming. We don't have a pool, but whenever my 10-month-old has been swimming, he's pooped. An active, splashy bath is a good substitute. We also lack a consistent no-boob sleep solution, although he has gotten to sleep on his own before. I sometimes wonder if we're not active enough during the day to get him tired enough for good sleep at night. Since it gets up to 115 degrees during the day here in the desert, I'm in no hurry for a romp in the park.

  3. We are having a rough time at night lately. Nursing doesn't conk that baby out the way it used to! This probably isn't the best suggestion, but if I get too tired and frustrated to deal with it, I send my husband out for a drive with her. It usually works, gives me a break, and I still think it beats crying it out all to heck!

  4. Toby usually won't fall asleep if I am in the room. I have tried and tried rocking him, singing to him, giving him a sippy cup, etc. But the only thing that really works is when I put him down in his play-pen with a few books, his blankie and a drink. He reads for a few minutes and then conks out. *shrug*

  5. Holly, We've totally gone on rides with Margaret, too. I probably would have tried it yesterday except I didn't have the car.
    Kestrel- Margaret's done that too: conked out on her own. It always surprises me!

  6. I always try nursing first, but it doesn't always work. If he is kicking or squirming while nursing then I know he is too wound up, so I pop him off the breast and try to help him release his stress. I might walk around the room with him, and sometimes I sing to him. Then I'll try nursing again. Today I experimented with playing an active game with him to get his energy out (though maybe not good to do this RIGHT before sleep time). Though to be completely honest, if he doesn't go down with the breast (and I KNOW he is tired), it usually means he needs to cry. I DON'T mean "cry it out." I think that practice is evil. But what I mean is that pent up stress from the day might be "stuck" in him and the only way to get it out is to cry. I hold him lovingly in my arms and say "Do you have some tears to get out?" He'll often burst into tears. Afterwards he is totally relaxed. Probably not up your ally, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. If he doesn't want to cry, then my last resort is to use the mei tai.


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