Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bean Burgers

So I said I'd review various healthy recipes. I've actually tried a couple from our new cook book. The first was for a pizza dough, but it wasn't great. It was too stiff to knead and didn't really rise. Not worth a real review.

On Monday we had bean burgers. I don't know about copyright laws and such, so I'm going to be on the safe side and not post the recipe. Essentially, you take beans, bread crumbs, shredded cheese, onion, shredded carrot, and spices and mix them up together. We made them into patties and broiled them in the oven. We didn't have the exact beans asked for in the recipe, but I figured it didn't matter. We used kidney and some other bean. Ideally we would have lettuce and tomato on it, but my shopping day is Wednesday and so by Monday, we're usually out of produce. Well, we're usually out of the produce like lettuce that wilts quickly.

They were good and both McKay and Margaret liked them. We put cheddar on them. I think they would have been better spicy. We put oregano and basic Italian seasonings in, but we probably should have used cajun seasonings. And pepper jack cheese. The recipe made 8, so we have the extras in the fridge for quick lunches.

We did use a wheat bun from the store. Ideally I'd be the one baking all our bread, but our room temperature is fickle. It's either too cold for dough to rise or too hot to have the oven on all day. So I'm lazy and I don't do it.

And how's everyone liking the fall weather? Rainy here today. Makes me feel like knitting.

And don't forget to ask questions for Heather! I'll be sending her the questions this evening so she has time to respond.


  1. Sam's been experimenting with some bean burgers, you should compare recipes! I might want you to send me your recipe, I haven't tried his yet, but I might need to compare.

  2. What cookbook is the recipe from? The burger looks delicious!

  3. Might I recommend this bread recipe:
    We use it for everything, including pizza. It's simple, no-knead, and pretty awesome. We sub in half whole wheat, but you could probably do 100% if you added water/played with it to get it right. We've just been too lazy to figure it out.

  4. Oh! It's from the Usbourne "Healthy Cookbook." I had a friend recommend kids' cookbooks because they are more likely to have foods that are recognizable. So many healthy cookbooks have recipes with ingredients that I've never heard of and don't even know where to start looking for them in the store!

    Of course, that means I should expand my horizons, and I am, but it's nice to recognize the food I'm eatin. :)

  5. Brad says recipes are not protected by copyright laws, to the extent that it's just a list of ingredients. The extra text (explanation about food, descriptions, commentary, etc.) is protected. But the ingredients and directions are not copyrightable. Sometimes it's handy having a law man on hand ;)

    PS- you know, I've been updating my food blog quite frequently as of late... there's lots of healthy recipes over there you can try! *B

  6. I've found that I can get lettuce to keep for quite a while:

    1. Cut up lettuce, wash, and spin.
    2. Wet a paper towel and place into a plastic bag.
    3. Add lettuce. Close bag.

    If lettuce starts to wilt, you can put it in a bowl of ice water, spin it, and the lettuce usually perks back up.

    You can reuse the paper towel and plastic bag.

  7. I have a really awesome black bean burger recipe that I'd be glad to pass along if you wanted it. And hey! I can leave comments now!

  8. Holly beat me to it, but I want to second her recommendation for the bread recipe. I had a goal before of making our bread, but then I just let it kinda slip. Now that I have this method, I make bread almost every day, and it is so easy. I love it!

  9. I got an excellent pizza dough recipe from Animal Vegetable Miracle (it's half wheat, but has a long rise time, so it's nice and fluffy while still very filling). You can find it on the website to :)


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