Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Choo choo #2

Another "train of thought" post.

I had this week all planned out blog-wise. It was beautiful; there was a theme and everything. But I also had this week planned out home-wise and I realized I couldn't fit the two plans together.

This weekend is General Conference. It happens two times a year: exactly when the seasons change and you need to make sure you have the correct clothes for the upcoming season, exactly when the spring cleaning bug bites you.

I deep clean the house the week before General Conference. I've gone through 5 shelves in the closets and started bags of Freecycle items, recycling, and trash. I even wiped down those shelves with a wet cloth. I mopped the bathroom and wiped down the baseboards in the house. (My chores list is organized by a random number generator, if you were wondering how I jumped from closets to bathroom floor to baseboards.)

I really don't have the time for my beautiful organized blog plan this week. I'm spending most of my time away from the Internet in order to get this done.

And don't forget to ask Heather Cushman-Dowdee your questions!

Oh, check out my faux hawk. It is full of awesome and win.


  1. I love the top and good job cleaning! I am just hoping to get a general straightening done before the weekend! Oh if I could only deep clean ... :)

  2. LOVE the faux-hawk! <3 It IS full of awesome and win!

  3. Love the faux hawk! Are you wearing it tonight?

  4. That pic was from Friday, but I could probably try it again.


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