Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Choo choo

A train of thought post

I am so tired. Margaret's asleep, so I should probably go take a nap with her. She has been nursing like crazy at night the past few days. Growth spurt? Probably. Either that or the idea of siblings gives her the heebie jeebies because at this rate, I'll be infertile until she's 6.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Unfortunately my 4 month streak of no shampoo was ended because of it, but the stylist did use an organic shampoo on my hair. I figure once shouldn't hurt it, right? A single wash shouldn't put me back into the 2 weeks of grease, right?  I hope not. But I look pretty darn hot. Why did I ever have long hair? It drags and weighs me down, plus you always have to figure out what to do with your hair in a hat: Up? Down? Short hair is liberating. And hotter.

While at the grocery store, someone said Margaret looked like a "Gerber Baby." While I know she was just saying Margaret's cute, it irked me. Irked me so much I'm blogging about it. Yes, I know the Gerber baby was created long before Nestle bought the company- but it still bothers me that the supposed pinnacle of child cuteness is an image owned by one of the largest baby killers in the world. Ok. That wording was really harsh, but I'm not feeling kindly towards them right now. How about this: "Their advertising tactics have contributed to millions of infant deaths around the world." Better?

Also speaking of groceries, since Wednesday is my grocery day, it's my meal planning day. I'm trying out a few of those new recipes I mentioned this week. Frankly, I think it's a little strange to use my harddrive for pictures of food. Also, Sunflower has an amazing sale on free range organic chicken broth.

I really need to make a hat post.

Speaking of hats, today's the earliest I might die in Hat Wars. My assassin emailed me on Sunday to let me know she was behind. If she got the hat done on Monday, it would show up today at the earliest (overnight mail is not allowed). Oh, death- stay your hand!

I need to clean the house. And find our diplomas. I finally bought nice document frames to put them in! Ok. Fine. I bought the frames at the dollar store, but they'll do. Good enough.

Also at the dollar store I bought knee high socks to make into legwarmers for Margaret because it's getting chillier. And I bought a bunch of socks for her. And I bought Halloween stuff. And a stuffed hippo. And a toy tool set for Margaret- oh I totally forgot I took a picture of her with her nuts and bolts this morning for Wordless Wednesday... Oh well, maybe I'll put it up later.

And can you tell I'm tired? I am.


  1. How do you make knee highs into baby leg warmers? I would *love* to know how to do that! And BTW your short haircut IS hot :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I totally know why I haven't gotten pregnant yet! (Well, I know it's because my frequent breastfeeding is keeping my prolactin levels high, which are suppressing my estrogen levels, keeping me from ovulating, blah blah blah...) But anyway, it's Bug...secretly keeping my infertile because he wants to stay an only child!

  3. We affectionately call Max "Birth Control," not only because his nursing is keeping my cycle away, but because he has an amzing ability to wake up just when things are starting to get, well, interesting.

  4. Your hair looks great. Did the organic shampoo make you start all over? I've been shampoo free for three months now and would like a hair cut, but am afraid they will wash my hair and I'll have to go through the transition thing again.


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