Tuesday, September 22, 2009

International Babywearing Week

Last year I did a week of posts to celebrate. This year it totally slipped my mind. Where have I been? Killing.

Anyway, It's International Babywearing Week. Now that I have an extra year of babywearing and toddlerwearing on my shoulders, I thought I'd share what I found to be the best babywearing devices for each age so far.

Newborn-4 months: Wrap

Wrap in the front, less than a month old
I'm pretty awkward and fumbly with newborns. The wrap was the most secure option for me. I couldn't find a position in the sling that felt secure enough-which might have been due to the fact that I didn't have any experience with the sling. Even with the security of the wrap, I was very cautious the first week or so not to let Margaret slump down and cut off breathing. At about one week, she started gaining more head control and I started to worry less about that. I also tried her on my back with some help from McKay. Cons about the wrap at this age was I couldn't figure out how to nurse in it. Of course, I was still trying to figure out how to nurse period.

3-9 months: Sling
Pouch sling, kangaroo carry, 4 months old
Margaret had more body control at this point and I learned from the wrap how to put Margaret in the sling upright. She never did like the lying down position that most people think of when they imagine a sling. In fact, I haven't heard of many babies that do like that position- it scrunches up their tummies and causes problems especially if they have reflux. Using a pouch sling, I learned how to put Margaret in kangaroo style which she loved. Learning on the pouch, I learned what felt secure so when I started using a ring sling more, I was better at adjusting it. Ring Sling, kangaroo carry election day
I also experimented with back and side carries. I cut this time off at 9 months because that's when Margaret was getting too big for all her weight to be just on one shoulder (20 pounds!). If you have a smaller baby and the weight isn't bad for you, keep on going!

A Year or so: Mei Tai

Mei Tai on back watching Old Faithful
I needed something with two shoulders to spread her weight out. I could have used the wrap, but didn't feel like it. The mei tai was easy. It's my main mode of babywearing right now, though I use the sling on occassion. If she sees me put it on, she immediately tries to climb up my legs to get on me. I love it. Breastfeeding in the Mei Tai is kind of awkward, but it's doable. I have to lower her a little bit to get her head at breast level- she's so tall now!

Wear your babies! Hold them! Love them!


  1. Yeah Angela hates lying down in the sling but likes sitting up. I love wearing her around the house :)

  2. I love Margarets hat in the last photo!!

    I am discovering how different babies can be... Eve loved just to be carried constantly. Anyway, anytime. Willow is more picky. She wants to be faced out to the world. Doesn't want to miss anything. Eve was like this to an extent, but I think she was older when she started with it. So I have to go research facing outward carries...

    Happy Babywearing week!! (I didn't even know it was, so THANKYOU!)

  3. I loved my wrap...until I got a Beco. Haven't used the wrap since. Which is a shame, because it's soooo pretty. But the Beco is so comfy!

    Also, I have a babywearing week button {freebie} if you're interested! http://coffeegraphicdesign.blogspot.com/2009/08/freebies.html

  4. I love babywearing and your little review is great. I only got my first proper sling (a ring sling) when my baby was 5 months old, so we pretty much started off with hip carries. I still use the ring sling for shopping and short trips - I still find it comfy (unpadded one especially so) even with her at 23lbs. If I walk any distance though, it does strain my back, so I use my Beco for that. I want to love my woven wrap but Becos are so easy and foolproof, it's hard to find the motivation to bother with wrapping.

    But it doesn't really matter what carrier I use. What matters is that my baby is close to me :-)

  5. I agree those are the best age breakdowns and the best carrier options! (I really like the versatility of the wrap though, because it can be used with any age!)

  6. I miss having a newborn in a wrap. I did manage to breastfeed in it a few times, but we were still getting the hang of bf. I love the mei tai now, but the sling is more convenient.


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