Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Changes in Nursing

We've had 2 big changes in nursing in the past couple of weeks. Margaret is in full-blown toddler "I have opinions" stage and you can totally tell.

Big change #1: Margaret's twiddling. Margaret twiddles with the nipple she's not latched on to. I've mentioned before that this doesn't bother me much because I'm not easily "touched out". It can start to bother me in the evenings, so when I nurse her to sleep at night, I try to deter her from doing it. This reminds me- I need to clip her nails.

Anyway, the other night, I was blocking my nipple from her and was on my way to sleep when I noticed that she kept "jumping" at regular-ish intervals. I got up and found out that she was pulling her hair out. If she's not twiddling with my nipple she's pulling her hair out! I noticed it again the other night. So I gave up on the twiddling thing. We waited so long for her to not look bald, I do not want her pulling her hair out. So I gave her my nipple to twiddle. Maybe I'm totally vain about that, but I'd rather her twiddle. She does sign and ask "please" before she twiddles, though. So that's nice. And the extra nipple stimulation is good for my supply, right?

Big change #2: No more layers.
I've mentioned I usually use layers when nursing her. They bother her. It used to be that if I pulled up a shirt or undershirt, she'd grab the shirt and pull it up an extra 3 inches for me. It kind of defeated the purpose of the layers. Anyway, she's decided she doesn't believe in layers at all anymore. When she asks to nurse, I'll lift up the shirt, pull down the bra, and Margaret looks at my breast, waves, and says, "Bye!" and covers my breast again (this is our "no nursing now" signal). Then she'll pull the shirt and all my underclothes and bra up from the bottom so that my entire beautiful torso is showing and she'll latch on. She's ok with pulling down from the top as long as everything is pulled down- no little tank top layers pulled up! I don't blame her- I wouldn't want to eat with fabric near my face either and I always thought it was just easier to pull down anyway. And it's much less noticeable if I just pull down than if I sit there fighting her about the layers. So that's what we're doing now.

So yay. Twiddling and no layers. It's a fun party over here. At least she has her hair, right? :)


  1. If Jaxons not twiddling hes pulling... MY hair.

  2. Ah, the no-layers thing! Glad it's not just over here. My son's cue for this is "big nummies." Apparently he doesn't want just a sliver of nummies, he wants the whole enchilada. He doesn't want me even hiding part of the fleshy globe with my hand, but I fight him on this one. It's just soooo white and sooo glowing that I think it might blind people.

  3. Hobo Mama- Glowy, blinding breasts?! How cool is that! I feel so cheated. Where was I when they passed out the cool genes?

    Oh right- I spent all my time in the "eyes in the back of the head" line and they ran out before it was my turn. They only had 106,456,367,669 pairs and I couldn't get a rain check.

    Be proud of your super powers, Hobo Mama! ;)

  4. Have you ever tried a nursing necklace? Or a special soft toy for her to fiddle with while nursing? Michael has always been a fiddler (not every time he nurses, but frequently). He puts his hand in my mouth, plays with/pulls my hair, sticks his hand up my shirt, when he nurses down his favorite is to fiddle with my garment top. I usually hate the feeling of him playing with my nipple so I've deterred him from doing that. I've been meaning to finish this nursing necklace I started making, but haven't gotten around to finishing it. I'm pretty sure he'd much rather play with a necklace, and I hope I'm right. Michael pulled his hair a few times, but thankfully it was just a short phase!

  5. I tried one when she was smaller. Now if I wear a necklace, she wants to put it on and then forget about it and not use it for twiddling. :) I have considered trying a new one though, or designating a certain toy as our "nursing" toy.

  6. The twiddling is sort of making me nuts. But she only really does it when we are laying down and she is bored and trying to distract herself from falling asleep I think. I've been trying to think of it like your thing about, "Will Margaret have the uncontrollable urge to run around naked as a teenager?" Will Iris really feel the need to twiddle my nipple as a teen? I seriously doubt it... so I'm trying not to get too bent out of shape about it!


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