Monday, October 26, 2009


No one asked questions for Inquisition Monday last week. Many months ago before I started Inquisition Monday, someone asked about my hats. Here are some pictures of some of my hats. I was planning on taking pictures last night, but it was really busy, so instead you get old pictures.

My first hat was a straw hat. Unfortunately, it got stepped on in the middle of the night and being straw, it didn't survive. Here it is in Germany. I was 17.
The Pin Stripe Fedora.
I went a few years without a nice hat. My freshman year in college, I received a check from my grandad for my birthday, so I took the bus to the mall and found this. This is one of our engagement photos- he's leaning.
Bucket Hat
I got this hat for working at Think Ink, where I worked in the summer after my senior year of high school. This picture was taken around the time I conceived Margaret, actually. We hiked the Y.
The Wedding Hat
My mother-in-law bought me this beautiful hat. Due to the fact that I wasn't as assertive then as I am now and to the fact that I'm also very forgetful, it wasn't worn in any of the pictures. :( I do wear it to church, though. And for maternity pictures, obviously.

DI Hat #1
I get hats at DI occassionally. Here's a little white one.

DI Hat #2

DI Hat #3- one of my greatest DI finds EVER.
Winter church hat. I think I bought this at Dillards.

Santa Hat.
McKay insisted on owning a couple of these.

White cloche. I bought this at a yarn store.
Knit Charlie Brown beanie.
Sometimes I knit hats. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus wears a green hat with a large bobble. I wanted to make one, but also wanted it to be identified as being related to Peanuts, so I added the standard Charlie Brown stripes.
Red Hatter hat.
I got this from my mother-in-law because she was destashing her hat collection. She owns more hats than I do.

Death Hat
This was the hat that killed me in Hat Wars this year.

Well, there you are. Some of my hats. I have more, but these are the ones I had pictures of on hand. I need to get good pictures of them all. If there are any here that you'd like a better picture of, let me know. Next time I do a hat post, I'll repost those shiny new pictures. Inquisition Monday is still in force if you have questions for next week.


  1. I love the Fedora (SUPER cute engagement photo!!!) and the white cloche. I've never gotten the hang of wearing hats. I wish I could...but I'm just not confident enough to wear them long enough for it to count! I also like your Charlie Brown beanie! Adorable.

  2. Ooh, I have a question! Where the heck do you find room for all those hats in your little apartment! lol They are pretty awesome, regardless of how much space they take up!

  3. The fedora and the white cloche are my favorites, too. I love hats, but I have a small head and they seem to make my head look smaller. I still try to wear them sometimes, though. My favorites are knit hats.

  4. I love your style, you can totally pull off those hats!
    I have a question for next week: With all you know about birth, and with doing an unassisted birth, what is your plan for the next baby? Do you think you will have someone around to do some "after-care" or more support/pictures during the birth?

  5. Oh, I love your hat collection! I used to own a lot of hats, but these days I only have a couple of winter ones. Next time I see one I like, I'm definitely getting it! :O)

  6. I have a question for todays Monday inquisition!

    After you had a home birth...what do you do with the water in the birthing pool? Where it is in the middle of your living room, how and where do you drain it? Is it safe (legal?) to drain in outside, with it being a biohazard?


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