Thursday, October 01, 2009


No 'Poo
Last week, my hair was shampooed for the first time in 4 months for the hair cut. An organic shampoo was used, so I felt (slightly) better about it. How has No 'Poo gone since then? Pretty great.

I was really excited to cut my hair short. One of the things that has always concerned me about washing my hair is how weak hair is when its wet. I'm afraid to scrub a lot because of damaging it. However, when it's short it doesn't get caught in between my fingers and I feel more at liberty to be more rough with it. I'm still using baking soda and lemon juice, though I'm not conditioning it with lemon juice at every wash. I've only washed it twice since last Tuesday (last Saturday and this Tuesday). This morning I showered the rest of me and got my hair wet, but I didn't do my No 'Poo routine- just water.

Having short hair takes this experiment to a new level: homemade pomade and gel. When my hair was longer, I didn't use product in my hair. Now, I would like to be able to spike it and faux hawk it and such without chemicals in my hair, so I got book from the library on natural body care recipes. Unfortunately, all the hair gel recipes have gelatin. I don't like to use gelatin- its origin gives me the heebie jeebies. On Facebook a few people recommended sugar water as hairspray, aloe vera gel, egg whites. I'm open to any more suggestions. This will be quite the experiment.

Elimination Communication
Ah, good ol' EC. Margaret is pretty much done with pooping in diapers. I think it's probably 1 or 2 poopy diapers a month. She's even getting better at recognizing when she needs to go. When we're out, usually she'll sign and say potty "pee!" and lift her shirt or dress up to indicate she needs to be undressed. Unfortunately, she does this after she has already gone in her diaper. It does mean she recognizes the sensation though.

There are some special times when she actually indicates that she needs to go potty before she goes. Those are always exciting. At home, it's wonderful- we just take her to the potty and read a book to her there and she goes. In public, it's a little more difficult. Public bathrooms aren't sized for toddlers and it's hard for her to sit on the toilets. I also think small stalls make her claustrophobic. We did have a wonderful success last Saturday at the Relief Society broadcast, though. During President Eyring's talk, she signed, said potty, and lifted her dress so I walked her to the bathroom. I went for the accessibility stall since it's bigger. I held her on the potty- and she went! And her diaper was dry! Woohoo! I have also started taking her to the accessibility bathroom at church instead of the regular women's bathroom because of the small space issue. I think using the bigger stall helps a lot.

She's definitely not done potty learning, but she is working towards it. I need to remember to offer the potty more. I assume she'll tell us and so I forget to remind her. Almost all of our misses are due to the fact that I'm not paying attention to the clock. She's still a very little person and I need to remember that.


  1. My little guy has reversed in his EC (due to learning how to walk), and now poops more in his diaper than he did when he was six months old! (he's 15 months now). Argh. EC is definitely an adventure--I'm just glad he knows how to use the potty and is aware of how things work "down there." They do eventually figure out that it's better to go in the toilet than in their pants.

  2. I this this via @SuzyQHomemaker on Twitter and immediately thought of you.


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