Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Week of Discipline

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me what I do for discipline with Margaret. "You're probably doing something now at her age."

I think I stared at her like she had a third eye. I had to think, What do we do? We definitely don't do what most people consider to be "discipline"- time outs and spankings and all that. I didn't know how to answer. After some probing on both our parts, I think I figured out what she was asking. I thought I'd share some of those answers this week. We do a lot of what I'm calling "Preventative Discipline." I try to make sure that both Margaret and I are feeling our best so that our crankier sides don't take over our moods. When we're well-fed and rested, both of us are able to avoid tantrums and handle each other's tantrums in better stride.

Here's my outline for the week.
Tuesday: Preventative Discipline through Lifestyle Choices
Wednesday: Preventative Discipline through Nutrition
Thursday: Discipline in the Moment
Friday: The Things I Remind Myself

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  1. That's a good point that part of discipline is regulating how we are feeling by lifestyle choices and nutrition.

    Interested to read "Discipline in the Moment." After reading part of "Mothering your nursing toddler" today I realized that a form of discipline we use is setting "limits." Not arbitrary ones, but ones that actually matter and are appropriate for his level of maturity.


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