Monday, November 02, 2009

Inquisition Monday

Holly asked, "Ooh, I have a question! Where the heck do you find room for all those hats in your little apartment! lol"

Actually a pretty good question. When I actually use many as home decor when they aren't being used as head decor. Examples:

I do have 3 walls of hats.

This is not actually recommended for storing hats. I'm ok with these two hats being hung because they both can be flattened and bent for short term storage (think luggage while traveling). Because they are hardy, I'm not as worried about these being warped. The other walls of hats have some of Margaret's hats. I don't worry about them because they are usually dollar store and clearance hats and aren't a big loss if they get hurt.

I keep my wedding hat in its box in the closet. My felt hats are on shelves in the closet too. I have 2 hat boxes without hats in them that I should probably utilize.


  1. I like your hat storage/decorating ideas. They are pretty enough to be centerpieces for sure!

  2. Ooh, I have a question for you.
    Have you ever written a post that you regretted? One that you wish you could take back or that was written a while ago and you've since changed your mind? Just curious.

  3. I thought of something else to ask you-- but you don't have to publish this one. Have you met Valerie Hudson? She is a political science professor at byu who studies political science and gender as well as how women are treated around the world. She is a huge breastfeeding advocate. I took a class from her and worked on research with her for a few years. She used to wear breastfeeding dresses and shirts to class just to show that breastfeeding can be discreet, classy and normal. She is a pretty incredible woman. I keep thinking that you would love her and that if you haven't met that somehow you should.

    That's all-- you don't have to post this.


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