Saturday, November 21, 2009

More advances

In the Elimination Communication front, we're slowly moving forward. Yesterday she initiated and completed an elimination 100% on her own. She said, "potty" went to the bathroom, pulled her little potty out, sat on it, and went. Normally we have to do one or more of the steps: suggesting the potty or bringing her to the potty, but this one time she did it all on her own. Yay!

In the mail yesterday, we got 9 more pairs of training underwear for her. She's now wearing her underwear at home, which is a nice step. She still doesn't initiate 100% of the time, so in order to not have any misses, we have to remember, "Hmm. It's been awhile, let's offer the potty." At her busy toddler age, she doesn't like to stop what she's doing to go potty, so what we've found to be successful is bringing the potty to her. If she can still be in her playing mode while on the potty, she's much happier and inclined to use it.

I wonder when we should move to underwear in public. On an EC forum, there was some discussion about this. In cultures where EC is more common, very often children are out of diapers by 18 months. Does that mean they're 100% potty learned? No. Accidents are common but no one bats an eye. A kid would pee in the grass at the park, no problem. They're babies, sometimes they just pee, you know? But here in America, that's not ok. We have a fear of bodily fluids, so a kid having an accident is a much bigger deal.

Oh funny thing: McKay and I were watching an anime cartoon that had ECing. In the middle of the night a little toddler came up to one of the main characters in bed needing to go potty, so the character picked up the kid, took him outside, and held him in a basic ECing position for him to pee. I was so excited, "Look! They're ECing! Because that's what you do when a toddler needs to pee! He didn't even know the kid, but he knew what to do because that's what you do!"

McKay was all, "Yeah." I don't think he caught the excitement.


  1. What cartoon were you watching? I get all excited about seeing stuff that I love in movies and cartoons. My husband and I love the Avatar series. It has babywearing and an unassisted childbirth (or a midwife assisted...depending on what your idea of a midwife is). Really neat!

  2. It's InuYasha. It was Season 3, Episoda 65: Farewell Days of My Youth. The episode is fairly stand-alone and doesn't depend on too much of the ongoing plot, so you could watch it and "get it." It's actually one of their lighter episodes: you know, the types of episodes you use to break up violence, violence, violence and plot, plot, plot.

    There's also some babywearing throughout the series by various villagers- usually in Mei Tai- like carriers.

  3. I'm definitely excited about the cartoon thing. Cool!

    We also had the questions about underwear in public. There's sort of an American expectation where kids in undies will never have an accident, but we starting going for it when he was almost always dry.

    Our son's still not 100% initiating at 2.5. I wonder if that will happen naturally or if we should make more of an effort to stand back and let him take charge. Now that I've wondered aloud, I realize that obviously, yes, eventually he will 100% initiate! :) Right now he's not very dexterous and has trouble pulling his pants up and down, so that might be part of the issue. All right, I'll stop writing about it here or I'll end up writing a whole post! Thanks for the thoughts.

  4. That's so great about the potty initiation. How old is she now? My niece got to this stage around 18 or 19 months. Michael is 16 months and has figured out how to sit on the potty by himself, and will tell me if he has to poop. No where near doing it all by himself, though!

  5. She's 19 months. She's been able to ask for the potty for a little while, but to actually get on the potty herself- new. Toilets just aren't made for babies to initiate it themselves, you know?

  6. Horray to potty initiation, that must feel so so good.

    And, I love seeing things in movies that resonate, I get all excited. :)

    Looking forward to reading your blog more.

    Amber Morrisey

  7. I put my kids in Underwear out in public when they began asking to use the potty while out. The first public place I let them go without a diaper was church since that is the most familiar place beside home to them and the nursery room bathroom has a little toddler sized toilet.

  8. Yay for progress! I'm so ready to have DD out of diapers, but she is very resistant right now. It has become a power/control thing for her. She really clings to the diapers. Sigh.

  9. LOL I would have been excited too.

    We didn't EC, but I was all about bringing the potty to them. My oldest used to use his potty like a chair when coloring at the coffee table. Made it so much easier when he had to go but didn't want to stop. LOL

  10. I just wanted to share a cute story of my two year old who I let pee on the grass at home who needed to have a pee just as we were getting into our car after swimming lessons. She ran over to a grassy area close to the car and pulled down her pants. Cars were whizzing by - I told her she couldn't pee on the grass in public - only at home. So she got into the car and I told her she could pee in a bucket I had in there. But she couldn't. She held it til we got home. I was pretty impressed!


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