Thursday, December 31, 2009


So we're back from our trip. I hope you all liked my Madonna and Child posts. My favorite is the last one because it is obvious that the artist had first-hand experience with nursing children and their mannerisms. That and I totally need to cut slits in all my shirts; why hadn't I thought of it before? And I'm curious if that was an actual fashion when the artist painted that. It's genius. Despite our advances, breastfeeding clothing has apparently gone backwards over the centuries.

That picture actually reminds me of a time a couple of months ago when I was going to the grocery store. I was carrying Margaret from the car to the store and as I put her down into the cart, I realized she had her hands down my shirt and was twiddling the whole time. No nursing, just twiddling. For a split second I wondered if I should discourage that, but I realized that if I hadn't noticed, it was obviously not bothering me, and just like in that picture, it's definitely not something sexual. It happens sometimes, and it's ok.

I'm not sure how I want to go about posting for the next few weeks. I have lots of thoughts about everything: No Pooing, elimination communication, the unassisted pregnancy so far (a couple of posts on that), breastfeeding while pregnant so far, nudity and birth, and I think there's a breastfeeding one in my head, and a couple of general parenting posts maybe. And then tomorrow's the New Year and the obligatory New Year post, right?

And today for myself, I have a lot to do. We made sure we ate up all the perishables before we left, so for breakfast we have 2 slices of bread and an English muffin. There's some quinoa and oatmeal (but no milk). So I need to go grocery shopping, pick up the mail that got held at the post office, balance the checkbook, and get the house back into order. And there's playgroup, too. I miss them and I look forward to seeing them today.

Happy Last Day of 2009! I think McKay and I are ringing in the New Year with some classic N64 playing tonight. W00t!


  1. I would love to read your post on nudity and birth (and nudity and breastfeeding). Your previous posts have opened me to a new perspective, but I always feel like I am getting only a glimpse of what you are thinking and I would love to know how you, as an LDS mother, live those situations with such openness. I feel like I am butchering the explanation, but I hope you know what I mean. Thanks for your blog!

  2. Sara, that's actually why I haven't posted it yet- because I can't seem to ever portray more than a glimpse. It's been written for a month, but I can't tell if I'm too wordy or not wordy enough. Say too much and people get confused about what you're trying to say, and if you say too little, it's the same thing. I go back and re-read it every couple of days or so and I don't ever change anything, so I suppose I should just up and post it one of these days...

  3. looking foward to the nudity and birth post too :)

    Nick says that GoldenEye is the best multiplayer game EVER and is now rambling on about all "the good times".... lol!

    Happy New Year x


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