Monday, December 07, 2009


I think Inquisition Monday will be on hold until the New Year. We've been going through some major life changes here- good things, no worries! But even good stress is still stress. McKay's been busy with school and job interviews and our plans for after graduation are both coming into view (yay!) and are still elusive as to how it will all happen (not yay). In all this change, I've taken on some of McKay's previous responsibilities and McKay's taken on some of mine, so our house is in a weird limbo. There are things we are waiting on. Dear Postal Service: ignore all the mail addressed to people who aren't us and get us that letter!

Meanwhile, Margaret and I have been cold-ridden. It's not bad a "feel bad" cold. Just a runny nose, cough, and lose your voice cold. Margaret is chipper and happy, but every once in a while, this cough comes out of her that makes you just want to cry. I feel bad that I can't take her out and we just have to sit here boring ourselves with each other.

Anyway, we still haven't decorated for Christmas. And I don't think we will. It's too much right now. I got out our Charlie Brown Christmas playset and I think that's the extent of our holiday. Well, that and the Christmas notepad that's still on our fridge from last Christmas.

Here's my attempt to be festive. I took this from someone's Facebook note.

1. Favorite present ever received: Nothing really sticks out on my mind. Last year McKay got me some knitting books and I've enjoyed coveting the gorgeous yarns and dreaming of the day we can afford to spent $80-$200 on yarn for a sweater.
2. The best thing about this Christmas: Not doing decorations
3. Favorite Christmas food: One year we made gyros (or was that for Easter?) I'll go with gyros.
4. Favorite Christmas Eve activity: Looking at Christmas lights
5. Favorite Christmas movie: It's a Wonderful Life
6. Favorite way to remember Christ at Christmastime: Going to the temple
7. Favorite present you ever gave to someone else: Again I can't remember.
8. Best Christmas ever: The one after we got married. Just us, no where to go, very simple.
9. Favorite Christmas candy: Peanut Brittle
10. Favorite place to go see the decorations: Temple Square (we've done this for a couple of my birthdays)
11. Favorite religious song: Ave Maria
12. Favorite one-stop shopping location: The Internet because I like getting packages in the mail and I can find everything without venturing to stores I boycott or being trampled
13. Favorite Christmas story (other than the story): They are all so cheesy. Probably none.
14. Favorite Christmas dessert: Cherry Pie
15. Favorite Christmas activity: Baking Pies (really, tasting them for poison)
16. Favorite Christmas TV show: A Charlie Brown Christmas
17. What I want for Christmas (NO limits): A spinning wheel
18. If you had to travel somewhere for Christmas, where would you go: We are traveling this year to see family, but if I got to choose we'd go to Italy.
19. Favorite Christmas beverage: water? I don't like hot cocoa, cider or eggnog, so that doesn't leave a lot of choices, you know?
20. Favorite Christmas decoration: The wreath. For the past 3 years, McKay and I have bought a fresh wreath from a local florist, but it's not in the budget this year.
21. Favorite Christmas Album: A Christmas Together by John Denver and the Muppets
22. What I want for Christmas (and might get): Yarn
23. Favorite Christmas tradition: Buying the wreath
24. Favorite Christmas stage production: I've only ever seen A Christmas Carol, so we'll go with that.
25. Favorite non-religious song: Sleigh Ride


  1. OMG!!! I love the muppets andjohn denver album and no one else ever knows it exists! I am super excited that you know it too!

    "Miss Piggy. We're done" "I knew that"

  2. I love that album too! I pretty much grew up thinking Christmas music=John Denver and the Muppets.

  3. a new post showed up in my news feed, but I can't find it... I am 6 weeks pregnant and my 10 month old is almost exclusivly breastfed, so I'm interested in posts you may have on nursing while pregnant... I'm hoping to keep my milk for as long as possible!

  4. Hmmm? I could swear that there was a different title to this post on my blog listing of your blog. If it was right then congrats and best wishes! If it was wrong and you have NO idea about what I am talking about then feel free to ignore this comment and just chalk it up as one of my crazy moments ;)

  5. ECingMama6:22 PM

    I saw your other post too, and I want to ditto everything you said! It gets better after the "beginning."


  6. We had that cold too :( We were also going crazy staying in and away from friends and playgroups. Blah! We're finally starting to go back out, which is good :)

    We also haven't decorated, and you know, I think we won't this year either! We'll be leaving soon to visit family anyway, and we have no where to put anything with all the basement crap everywhere while we finish it. Ah well! Makes trees at other's houses more interesting :P

  7. Nice blog. You seems to be quite successful in attempt to be festive. Can feel the presence of Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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