Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First Trimester Thoughts

This is the mysterious RSS Feed-appearing post for those of you who don't use feed readers. I've added some stuff to it. :)

We didn't expect to get pregnant. Everything was working against it. The month prior to my getting pregnant I had a 9 day luteal phase. I have been having 9 day luteal phases ever since I started ovulating, so I assumed it was too short to get pregnant. Then I got pregnant the next month. No idea what my LP would have been, but since I've been using fertility awareness, I was much more aware of the changes in my body.

At 9 days past ovulation, I noticed I needed to pee a whole ton more, but I kind of ignored it thinking maybe I was just doing really well at keeping myself hydrated. I was expecting my period any day.

At 10 days past ovulation, I looked in the mirror and noticed, "That's not the face of someone who is supposed to get a period... where's my acne?"

At 12 days past ovulation, we got out a pregnancy test. It claimed to be accurate at 10 days past ovulation, so we figured it should be accurate. Plus, since we had been expecting my period 2 days prior, it was definitely past my missed period date. McKay wanted to be involved with the whole ordeal and so I peed in a cup and he dipped the stick. And we waited.

And within a couple of minutes, there was a second line. It was faint (only 12 dpo), and so McKay was all, "I'm not sure..." But a line is a line is a line. And it was there, and my period wasn't.

The first time around with Margaret, I was going to school, so I didn't really pay attention to symptoms- and symptoms like being tired was normal and not a symptom. Sure, I was peeing every hour at work, but I was drinking 2 cups of water every hour at work.

This time I got "real" symptoms:

  • THIRSTY. All the time. It's due either to pregnancy, nursing, or living in Utah where the air has no water in it. Or all three.
  • Weird de-tox. At around 16 days past ovulation, my acne came and I had some really loose stool. I also got my haircut around that time and talking to my hairdresser, she asked if I was doing a detox. "No. I can't do detoxes, I'm breastfeeding (and pregnant)." But I started wondering. Somewhere out there on the Interwebs, someone said it's not uncommon for your body to do a quick detox immediately after getting pregnant to clean out your system really quickly. Maybe that's what it was, because I can't think of anything else.
  • Tired. Oh my goodness I have no motivation to do ANYTHING. It's a miracle if I remember to eat. (I remembered this morning!)
  • Slight nausea. At around 7 weeks I noticed I was hungry all the time. Then I realized that it wasn't hunger- it was nausea. I've trained my body to respond to nausea with hunger. Usually when you're nauseous, you are sick and need nutrients, so as a teen, I started equating nausea with hunger. With Margaret 8-10 weeks was my big throwing up time. None of that this time (yet). Maybe it's a boy? I've also heard that breastfeeding can lower your pregnancy nausea and we all know every pregnancy is different. Who knows? Maybe it's an odd symptom letting me know it's twins.
  • Sore nipples. I didn't notice this with Margaret either, but I wasn't nursing while I was pregnant with Margaret. It's the worst when she has a cold. She nurses in her sleep and if she can't breathe, she's reposition her head and bring my nipple with her. I don't think that's comfortable for anyone- pregnant or not.
  • Braxton Hicks. I started noticing these at 4 weeks this time, every few hours or so. Go go growing uterus! Last time I didn't notice BH until 30 weeks.
  • One thing I'm finding interesting is the darkening of my areolas. I didn't notice it with Margaret, but when I look at the birth pictures they were definitely darker then than they are now. I've slowly been noticing the changes this time around. Yep. Pregnant.
  • This time around, I'm actually moody. Imagine that! Last time I only cried randomly at The Simpson's Movie (the wedding tape!), but this time I find I'm more prone to it at other times. I wonder if I've traded last time's nausea for this time's mood swings. I'm ok with that. Personally, I'd rather cry than throw up.
  • Heartburn. I had this in my third trimester, but this time it has hit early.
  • Colds. When you're pregnant, your immune system is temporarily lowered so that your body doesn't reject the baby. I've had two colds already. I know this is due to me not taking care of myself. With pregnancy and nursing all my nutrients are going to the little people dependent on me and I'm the one who suffers. I need to up my Vitamin C and D intakes and make sure I go out and buy some cod liver oil. Must do that today. And I probably need to eat more protein and a ton more calories than I'm currently eating. It's hard to take care of yourself when you're too lazy to get dressed.

Inquisition Monday will resume in January. It's too much right now.


  1. COngrats...I saw this post on the link on my site but couldn't find it on yours untill today...fancy computer internet stuff!

  2. I feel ya on the heartburn. I got it super early and it progressively got worse. Hopefully that won't happen to you. I blame it on all the bad food I was eating when all the healthy food just made me nauseous. I had a hard time taking care of myself when I was pregnant, too. I couldn't imagine doing it with a little one to take care of.

    I was super careful not to get sick when I was pregnant. If I was out of the house I didn't touch my face the whole time unless I was sure my hands were germ-free. I washed my hands compulsively. I also stayed home a lot but that's because I was so tired and nauseated that I didn't want to get out of bed!

  3. Congratulations! That is exciting news!

  4. Congratulations! Woohoo! I wish you every bit of luck that this pregnancy goes soothly.

  5. Congratulations! Are you planning UP and UC with this little one too?

  6. This pregnancy is very different for me too so far! Well the spotting isn't, except perhaps is more constant than with Ariana, but nothing else is happening and all was fine with her, so I'm chalking it up to my body being like that.

    I also had 10-ish days luteal phases - I had no idea about that until I started charting. I was a strict 28 days cycle and just assume I was ovulating on day 14. So when I started charting I was a bit worried if that would be a problem, since implantation is technically 7-10 days after - kind of borderline. But I guess sometimes it works!

    Congrats again :)

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Delurking to share this.

    You mentioned you’ve been sicker this time, and I thought of you when I read this:

    Women who have morning sickness are less likely to miscarry than those who do not, possibly because the same hormonal changes that cause nausea and vomiting contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

    It was in the middle of an article about caffeine and miscarriage, but I hope it makes you feel a little better about feeling worse. Good luck!


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