Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Options

Last summer I had an interesting dream. In the dream, I found out I was pregnant... 35 weeks pregnant to be exact. In my dream I thought to myself, "Ok. We need a few towels and a new carseat. I'm having a baby in 5 weeks. Time for the panic to set in." But it didn't set in.

When I woke up I thought about it and got the impression that the next time we have a baby it'll be at a time when lots of things are going on- a time where I might normally panic, but I don't need to panic because we'll have a UC.

Then I got pregnant some months later. This baby should show up in the summer. When we first found out I was pregnant, we had no idea what was going on for the summer. Now we know we're going to be going through a major move in the last half of the pregnancy. That doesn't give me a lot of time to prepare for the birth once we get out there.

The Options

Out-of-home birth with an attendant
If I go this route, I get to spend the first chunk of the pregnancy with a provider that I know won't be there for the birth. Would I be upfront about that? Would the provider not give me the same quality of care if they knew they wouldn't be the one profiting from catching the baby? And I'd get to deal with transferring medical records. Then when we move out to California, we get to apply for health insurance. In my experience, the application, underwriting, and approval takes about a month. That means in June, we'll have insurance and I'll get to go on a provider hunt with almost no time to find someone I like. Of course we'll need to apply for insurance with any choice, but this choice is pretty dependent on insurance whereas the other choices are more out-of-pocket expenses.

Home birth with an attendant
This has some of the same issues as the first option: no continuity in care and a rush to find someone at the "last minute" in my pregnancy. Usually homebirth midwives limit the number of births they'll attend so that they can guarantee they'll be there for the birth. This is wonderful if you can find a midwife early on, not so wonderful if you move to a new area just months/weeks away from the end of your pregnancy. On many places on the Internet, I'm seeing that homebirth midwives have been getting booked up early (by 8 or 10 weeks!). That seems to be the trend this this economy. It's true the the Bay Area as a LOT of homebirth midwives, but do I really want to run around finding one at the end of my pregnancy when I should be relaxing and getting myself into birthing mode? Not really.

The UP/UC option
Continuity of care. That is a major plus for me. Not having to find a care provider on a limited deadline? Also a plus. That time spent worrying whether or not I'll be able to find someone can be used to prepare the home for a birth and to help Margaret in the transition from Utah to California and then again into siblinghood. There would be some busyness gathering what I need to file a birth certificate (proof of pregnancy, exemption forms for some newborn tests, etc.). In California, birth certificate requirements vary county to county, and sometimes even city to city within the county. For example, Berkley has extra requirements that the rest of Alameda County doesn't. I won't know what will be required until we settle on a place to move to.

So at the moment we're going the UP/UC route. It'll be fun. I'll blog about it sometime.


  1. Just a shout out to you from another UC mama! *wave*

    I had my youngest daughter at home with only my husband and kids present.

    I had some minimal midwife care in the early weeks before I finally decided to UP.

    Wishing you lots of peace and rest during this journey!

  2. Good luck with moving during your pregnancy. That is pretty stressful, I bet! I agree with continuity of care being a big plus. I think going the UP/UC route would eliminate stress for a lot of women out there. (Not all, but a lot!) If only more people could understand that.


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