Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Oh pregnancy dreams...

Both Margaret's and my current pregnancy heralded in the first trimester with dreams of the more sexy variety. Hormones, I suppose. Or maybe unconsciousness is the only time I don't feel too nauseas to feel sexy.

At this point, though, I've started having birth/baby dreams. My first one was last week. It had the usual craziness my dreams have: there was this lady who had a broken down red bus in her yard that she let her kids play in and Margaret fell asleep there... yadda yadda yadda. The birth/baby part was less of a birth part and more of an ECing dream. The labor was about an hour and I had a little boy. When the little boy was about an hour old, I thought, "Hmm. I should put him over the potty. So I took him to the bathroom, held him over the toilet, made the"psss" sound, and then suddenly he went! It was cool.

Last night's was more birthy. I was 6 months along and we lived in a bigger house. Apparently there was a CPM who had 4 clients that were nearing or past their "due" dates that needed inducing "or else." For some reason they decided to do this in my house. So 4 women were all having babies in my house, one after another. Inductions were either cohosh or castor oil. I think everything went well for them. Then suddenly I went into labor. I was only 6 months along, but the logic in my dream was that the house was so filled with birthing vibes/hormones that it caused me to go into labor too. I'm not sure why- maybe because I was preterm, but I had the CPM assist me in delivery. Afterwards, while holding my 6 pound 7 oz. baby I thought over that birth. We were shocked that the baby was so close to term in development and concluded that my dates must have been wrong. I do remember thinking, "If I had to do that over, I would have done it unassisted. I shouldn't have used the CPM." I think at one point she had tugged on the baby to "help" it out. Anyway, I knew that's not what I wanted. Then I woke up.

Not sure if these dreams really "mean" anything. Sure, I suppose our little one could be a boy, but the first pregnancy dream I had with Margaret was of a boy, so I don't think it's particularly telling. As for the premature birth one, I don't know. I never had preterm labor with Margaret or high blood pressure (ever) or any other indicators that I'm at risk for it, so I'm not too worried. Maybe it was just a dream to reaffirm my decision to UC this time. Or it was just a weird dream.


  1. Yeah, they probably aren't premonitions, but affirmations of what you believe in for yourself and your children.

    I remember reading that sexual dreams during pregnancy are quite common.

  2. I had a dream where I had a premature baby girl, in a hospital, while I was pregnant last year. I gave birth at home to a full term baby boy. So the dream didn't mean anything for me either. ;-)


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