Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fillins + Roundup

1. Wouldn't it be easy if you could just teleport to where you wanted to go?
2. 22 months is better than ever!
3. I love the taste of buttermilk syrup.
4. Margaret was born in the living room.
5. The first thing we're going to do is jump for joy.
6. Always trying to avoid the drip, drip, drip; the knobs on our bathroom sink have to be shut off VERY tightly.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to pizza night again, tomorrow my plans include stake conference and Sunday, I want to sleep in!

What a roller coaster week for me! But I'm back up for today.

Right now we're still trying to narrow down where we'll live in May. I asked on Ravelry about good/bad places, and I got a wonderful array of advice. There was even an offer to let me stay with them so I could look for a place in person! I probably won't take them up on that, but wow, knitters have your back!

We also emailed birth educators out there. I'm looking into taking a Birthing From Within Class. The instructor here in Provo is offering a class that we can take, but I wonder if it would be better for me to take a class in California where I can meet other couples and make friends. Of course, classes are about twice as expensive as they are here. It's actually looking like we will take it here in Provo because of 1) cost, 2) fits in our schedule well, 3) if we sign up with another couple, we'll get a 20% discount (anyone up for that?), and 4) I know people who can watch Margaret during the classes, whereas out there, I'm not sure if I'll know anyone well enough for that. However, the drawbacks to taking the class out here is that 1) the friend aspect I mentioned above, 2) in Provo I might be too displaced from the birth in both time and distance. If I take the class in California, I'll come home to the birth place, and it'll be closer to when we'll birth. Taking it before we move might be too early. Though, taking it after we move might be too late. Ideally, we'd take a class that straddles the moving date, but that's not possible.

Birthing From Within is very middle-of-the-road when it comes to birth outcomes. There's no striving for pain-free or unmedicated birth and such. In fact, one of their premises is that pain is inevitable in childbirth. I'm not sure I agree with that because I know people who have had painfree labors and birth and I don't want to discount their experiences. The emphasis in the classes is on the journey to the birth instead of having a particular kind of birth. They do introduce basic relaxation techniques, though. It's very hippy-ish in that it utilizes aspects of art therapy for the journey to the birth. I really like that. I've always wanted an artistic outlet, but I wasn't encouraged in that direction. I did once sign up for a creative writing class when I was 8 because I thought "creative writing" meant "calligraphy." Haha!

We're also considering a postpartum doula. Since we might not know a lot of people out in California, having some guaranteed help after the birth sounds appealing.

Also, Annie @PhDinParenting had a wonderful post yesterday called, Covering up is a feminist issue, with the powerful statement, "Telling women to cover up and telling women to strip down are frequently used tactics for oppressing women. There are both practical and philosophical reasons why no one other than the woman herself should decide how covered or uncovered to be....It should be up to them to decide how they feel comfortable," (emphasis mine).


  1. OOooohhh! I love Birthing from Within. I am a super artsy type of girl, so it is right up my alley! I would love to take the class with you (but, unfortunately, I live in Cincinnati, not Provo!) And, I don't think my husband would appreciate ever taking that particular type of class (he is as concrete as I am abstract!!). But, we did take an unassisted childbirth class offered by a local midwife, and he seemed to really like that. (Although, for me, it was basic stuff that I already knew....I guess UC really isn't such a big deal when it comes down to it! :D)

  2. I started reading the book Birthing From Within recently--although to be honest, I'm not quite that artsy, so I'm not sure her class would be for me. I do appreciate the fact that it says pain is inevitable--personally. I went into labor the first time thinking that it COULD be pain free if I wasn't scared and could let my body relax. I unpleasantly surprised when I WASN'T afraid, but I was not pain free! I concluded that I was not as prepared as I had thought (or perhaps was doing something "wrong") and chose to ask for an epidural after all. This time, however, I am prepared for some "inevitable pain" and know to expect some pain. If it does happen to be pain free, well, all the better.

  3. If I could teleport, I would be able to bring JDaniel home for time outs that would be great! Nice Fill-in!

  4. A Post partum doula is a fine idea. I wish I would've hired one when I had my twins.

    Here's to pizza night, home birthing, and birthing from within (I love that book, even though I read it last about 9 years ago!).

  5. My Birthing From Within class sucked. But that was the instructor's fault. Our "art" consisted of a couple of rushed drawings, and that was it. She focused so much on pain coping and I wasn't really interested in that part of the class. So, maybe you could find out whether the class in Provo or the one in CA is better. It could help you make your decision!

    I read that article at PhD in Parenting. It's really good and illustrates the way I feel about covering up quite well.


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