Thursday, February 04, 2010

How our Move is Greening our Home

Tomorrow, our moving countdown will hit 12 weeks. Yay!

We have recently rid our tub of all our plastic bath toys. The idea of Margaret bathing in chemical soup bothers me.

In place of her plastic fishes/duckies, I made these fish. Margaret has a set of washcloths to play with, so I figured making fish-shaped washcloths would be even more fun!

I can wash them regularly, so I don't worry about mold growing in any corners or inside rubber duckies.

We'll probably also get her a wooden toy boat for her birthday, though we'll have to be more cautious about mold in that situation.

We still need to find a good replacement for the plastic bucket and look for a nice homemade bath crayon recipe. Any suggestions?

As we get stuff out of our house, I'll blog about what we're replacing them with. It'll be impossible to completely rid our home of toxins, but we can get some of it out. Things that might end up in a child's mouth are number one on my list.


  1. I LOVE your idea of washcloth fishies!

    How about a metal bucket for the tub? I know our hardware store here sells galvanized steel pails. Are those full of chemicals? (I don't know)

    Would a beeswax coating on the toy boat slow down the possibility of mold growth?

  2. I think steel pails would work. I did think of going with a metal pail, but was hesitant because some metal does have BPA. In fact, almost all the cans of vegetables and beans and such at the grocery store have BPA. But after doing a little google search, steel seems to be safe.

    Hmm. Beeswax might help. I'll have to look into that.

  3. How about a metal basket? Something with holes in it so the water can drip out? Or even a string bag that you can wash periodically. I think the wood boat would be fine if you remembered to rinse it off well (maybe wipe it down with a wash cloth) and make sure it dries between uses. If it's clean and dry, it won't grow mold.

    I'm working on greening our home, too. It's such a process! At least you'll be getting rid of a lot of stuff for the move. Good luck with finding healthy alternatives and keep us posted on your progress and questions!

  4. We use a string bag, as Lisa said. I totally need to do something about our bath toys, too, because the interiors of so many of them are clearly black and icky. But Mikko loves them!

  5. We have a net for our bath toys... you can hang it from the shower spout or suction it to the walls. (Are suction cups made of things with chemicals? I don't even know, I should try to be more green but some things just don't worry me too much...sigh!) :)


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