Monday, January 11, 2010

Inquisition Monday: Diapers and Sleep

Last week, Meg asked, "How do you store your diaper stash? With limited space, I'm looking for effective ways to store mine! "

Here's a picture of our current set up.

The top shelf holds our pocket diapers and covers. The second shelf is the prefolds, flats, and the blue fabric on the right is something... I forget, but it wicks moisture away from Margaret so I put it in between her and the flats/prefolds when I use them. The bottom shelf is knitting books and library books. We also have a few prefolds/flats in the dresser. Of the five dresser drawers, one is for me, one for McKay, one for Margaret's clothes, one for Margaret's diapers, and one for blankets.

We have a cloth bag full of cloth wipes (aka washcloths) that is kept by the dresser. Because Margaret's not really using diapers any more, they are just used as washcloths now.

We also have lots of fitted diapers, covers, soakers, longies, and newborn-sized prefolds that are too small for Margaret. Those are in the closet packed away for mystery child #2.

So that's it. It's probably not the most space-efficient, but it works. I think I'll get a bigger basket from a thrift store or freecycle when we move to California to prepare for that mystery child.

Mallory asked, "I'm assuming you still co-sleep with Margaret and nurse at night. How are you planning on handling it when the new baby comes? I have no idea what to do in my own family. My son is still nursing frequently at night and sleeps with us, but that will have to change when I have a newborn nursling in the bed!"

Yes, Margaret is still sleeping with us. She's actually going through a stage right now where she insists on starting the night in between us. This can be really frustrating because sometimes I'd like to fall asleep on a different side, especially since pregnancy is making my right hip hurt. But if I move her over and switch sides, she'll just climb over me until she's back in the middle. If I can wait it out until she's 100% asleep, I can switch sides without her noticing, but I'm usually asleep by that point, too.

Anyway, McKay and I actually discussed getting rid of out bed frame when we move. I was surprised he brought it up today because I thought the reason we had it was because he wanted to keep it. At minimum, he wants to get rid of the box springs so the mattress is closer to the ground. But at that point, the bed will look really funny without the box springs, so we should just get rid of the whole set up and go with the mattress on the floor. It means our bedroom won't look like those pictures in magazines. Sigh.

Anyway. We've talked about getting a twin mattress and setting it up next to our big mattress. If we can transition Margaret to that after the move, we'll have more room and she'll still get breast access if she wants. We do have a Cal-King bed, so we have some room that many people don't have. If we were to sleep sideways on the mattress, I think we'd actually have more width than a King. While Cal-King beds are thinner than Kings, they are longer for taller people. We'd probably be able to do four across without an extra twin, at least for a while.

So in all: we'll probably get rid of the bedframe and box springs and put the bed on the floor with an extra mattress on the side for more space. That's the plan for now.


  1. On the co-sleeping question, we just put our queen mattress right on the floor a couple of weeks ago since our baby started crawling. Not sure what we will do when we have another baby, but I think we will either get a bigger mattress or put a twin next to it.

  2. We have a twin next to the queen on the floor and it works great for 2 kids. I'm pretty sure we can co-sleep with 3 kids this way, me and baby on the twin and daddy and the older 2 on the queen.

  3. Hmmm...that would be a good idea to just put the mattress on the floor, but my husband had my father made us a very -very- nice wooden bed frame for my birthday last year. I can't imagine getting rid of it. We have a Cali King, too. I have once before set up our crib on the tallest setting, only without one side rail, and scooted it next to the bed. It would work...if Bug would actually sleep in it. But, he won't. I suppose I will figure it out in the end! :D

  4. I always thought the California Kings were wider. Huh. Right now we have a queen and a twin, and any less space I'd feel crammed. We're definitely upgrading to a king with the next one!

  5. We bought a king mattress when we moved during the pregnancy and didn't bother to buy a frame or box springs. It's worked out really well, aside from some awkwardness of getting up off a low position when heavily pregnant! :) It's funny, because people don't immediately notice that we don't have a bed frame. It's only when we point it out that they say, "Ohhh, that's why it looks different." So I don't think it looks really out of place or anything. It helps that mattresses these days are pretty tall just by themselves. We have just the one cosleeping kid, but I can imagine four of us sleeping in the width of a king.

    For the sake of thoroughness (mine!), here's a comparison of king vs. California king:
    You can click on size chart from that page to get the actual dimensions of each.

  6. Hey I have a question for you, since I noticed your cute new haircut... How does no 'poo work with dying hair? Does it throw things off for awhile or do you just try and avoid doing it?

  7. We just got a new bed, and went with an Ikea bed frame ( and a keetsa mattress ( We looked at the Ikea mattresses, but they were only comfy on a boxspring which defeats the purpose. The keetsa one we got is amazing. It's so so comfortable and it doesn't look like we're college students anymore! We've been doing no bed frame for a while, but I love this and it's low to the ground for when our baby crawls or rolls off the bed.

  8. If you decide to actually get rid of your current bedframe and boxsprings, let me know what you'd want for them. We left ours in Michigan and would love to have them for the future when LO masters the mattress on the floor, then the springs underneath, then a normal bed for a very short time until the next one comes along!


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