Monday, January 18, 2010

Inquisition Monday

Lisa of Edenwild asked, "So do you find that there are any benefits to nursing while pregnant (for you) or are you just doing it for Margaret's sake?"

Let me share an actual dream I had last Friday night, for which it's completely McKay's fault for wanting to watch Stargate: SG-1 before bed.

In my dream an alien race gave the planet Earth a new kind of antibiotic that was stronger than anything we had used and even our super bacteria could not resist it. People started using it everywhere and it was really popular. But of course there was a side-effect. People started turning into bugs. The alien race was basically turning people into bug soldiers. It was very Kafka-esque. Large beetles everywhere.

The scary part was that Margaret was there, and as people were realizing what the antibiotic had done, they were panicking and screaming and running around like crazy. Margaret was scared and started crying. I went to nurse her when someone stopped me and said the antibiotic is everywhere and nursing her would turn her into one of those bugs. I replied, "So you're telling me I can't suckle my child?!" And I nursed her anyway. And I woke up before she turned into a bug because it was scary.

When I woke up I turned over to my non-bug child and nursed her. She didn't need nursing because she was solidly asleep, but I needed to nurse her for my peace of mind.

Apparently, my subconscious is afraid of not being able to nurse her when she's scared or needs me. I was seriously panicking because I couldn't nurse her. The peace of mind that comes from knowing I can nurse her when she needs it is priceless to me. Of course, there's also all of the benefits that come with of breastfeeding in general. I'm still lowering my risk of many female-related cancers (uterine, breast, ovarian). I'm still getting the benefit of oxytocin in my system which has great benefits such as lowering your blood pressure. But the fact that I have another parenting tool up my sleeve (or really in my shirt) is the most important to me.

Should have mentioned last week: Kellymom has a great FAQ for nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing.

austins asked, "What are you planning on doing with the placenta? Why are you keeping it? To me it is kind of like the 2lbs. of powdered sugar...'What the heck do we need that for?' "

Ultimately we hope to bury it. At this point in time, since we rent, we really can't bury it here and you're not supposed to throw away human waste in the dumpsters because it's a biohazard for the sanitation workers. So in the meantime, it's traveling with us until we find a more permanent residence and can bury it properly with a new bush or tree for Margaret.

Seth and Brittney asked, "Hey I have a question for you, since I noticed your cute new haircut... How does no 'poo work with dying hair? Does it throw things off for awhile or do you just try and avoid doing it?"

The place I got my No Poo information
from speculates that, "If you colour your hair, you may notice it dulls when you use a baking soda wash very frequently. However, if you've been using no-poo for a while before you start colouring you'll be at a point where you rarely need to wash your hair - at which time your colour may last longer since you need to wash so infrequently." Because I now have VERY short hair, it's easier to care for and I don't feel like I need to deep clean it as much anymore, so I go fairly long without washing. I also go in between "I never want to dye my hair again" and "If I'm going to go this short, it needs to have some depth of color." This is the first time I've had it all dyed (I did some light highlights last fall) since going No Poo so it's an experiment in itself. I figure it's so short that if the color doesn't work with No Poo, after a couple of haircuts it'll be gone anyway.

My hair Saturday night with a spaghetti-faced Margaret:


  1. Love the haircut! Some days I want to chop mine off. It's been almost butt long for most of my life though.
    In HS I had it trimmed short-ish. But I don't think I could do it again!

  2. I nursed my big girl while I was pregnant with the baby girl and like you, I disliked the nipple pain (who wouldn't!) but loved that nursing still comforted her and helped her when she felt scared, tired, or just out of sorts.

    It felt great to be able to comfort her and help her feel safe, and (the lazy mama answer) it was so EASY!

  3. Oh my gosh, Margaret is so cute I can hardly stand it!!! Anyway, I have another placenta question for you, but this doesn't have to be specifically for Inquisition Monday, ( could entertain me with a whole post on this subject, I'm sure!). I can't remember if you have said anything about what you plan on doing with your placenta with the new baby or not. Have you thought about getting it encapsulated? Or anything like that? If you do plan on taking placenta, would you rather freeze pill sized pieces to take, or would you dehydrate/encapsulate?

  4. Thanks for answering my question! If I were pregnant and nursing, I imagine I want to use nursing as a way to get a break--lie down and rest--because when I was pregnant before, I was sick all the time.

    I'm scared that I wouldn't enjoy nursing while pregnant, though, so I'm hoping he'll wean before then.


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