Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing the Internet

I haven't done a "Here are some posts that I like" post lately. So I'll do one.

My friend Alisa just weaned her 4 year old and wrote her breastfeeding story. Starting with getting no useful help from hospital lactation consultants and depending on a nipple shield for months and even weaning him at one point, he continued to breastfeed until he was four. I know moms who have struggled with bad hospital advice and particularly nipple shields, but just don't know how to wean their babies from the nipple shield. There's hope- a nipple shield doesn't have to end your breastfeeding relationship!

News stories that made me angry:
Rixa posted about a woman who didn't show up for an induction and then the police showed up at her door. Arg.
And another mother refused bedrest and then was court-ordered to stay at the hospital and ended up with an emergency c-section after which the baby was still born. Very sad.
Apparently when you decide to continue a pregnancy past 20 weeks, you give up the rights to your uterus and you are no longer a person, but a walking womb owned by society and doctors.

A friend of mine
gchatted me Sunday with a story. She was reading the Book of Mormon Stories Reader (found at Church Distribution Centers) to her 2 year old, when they turned a page and her 2 year old immediately recognized one of her favorite things: breastfeeding. At the top of page 31, you can see a child (toddler?) breastfeeding. And that's no small amount of breast.

Last month Elita at Blacktating posted a striking example of how Nestle violates the WHO Code and confuses families about what is appropriate for children to eat and what is not. This results in under-nourished children and ultimately deaths. All for a profit. And that is why we've given up Butterfingers and Crunch bars.

A nice outline explaining how medications are rated in safety for breastfeeding mothers. You can usually still breastfeed while taking medications and you don't have to "pump and dump" or wean.

A couple new blogs that are getting a lot of attention: Woman Uncensored and Peaceful Parenting.

ETA: I forgot about this story. A baby was born a couple weeks ago (unassisted) in the Tonga temple. Very cool. I told McKay we should totally do that. He can wait outside with Margaret. Unfortunately, he wasn't on board with that plan. I did entertain the idea of going to landmarks and having babies at famous places (like each of the 7 wonders of the ancient world). I don't think that's in our budget, though.


  1. I also struggled with feeling stuck using a nipple shield. Finally at 4 months I went to the lactation clinic (the one at the hospital didn't help---she was there for 5 minutes maybe while Stephen was sleeping and I was eating lunch) in Orem and met with a lactation consultant. She was really really helpful and took all the time with me that I needed. (I think we were there at least an hour.) I really wanted to end the shield use because I was sick of worrying about losing it and thus not being able to feed Stephen, and all the sterilizing stuff that comes with it. She helped me to figure out a good latch and gave me a lot of good information and links to videos and we practiced several times while there in the office. It took a lot of practice still and a few weeks of frustration, but now Stephen is a pro. It's nice to not even know where the shield is and not even care. I think it's important that women know there is help out there to make breastfeeding a better (and less stressful) experience.

  2. That's cool that a woman delivered her baby in the temple. Too bad the article portrays it as such a miracle, and God had to send somebody who knew how to pick up a baby and knew how to use scissors! Thank goodness a nurse was there!

  3. ROCK ON!!! I have always wondered about people having babies in the temple. What an awesome place to be born. Sheesh.

    Also I would like to die in the temple. It just seems like a good place to go.

  4. Wow, I LOVE the story of the baby being born in the temple! That's great! I like the idea of having babies at famous landmarks. So exotic! We wouldn't be able to afford it either. But, I am seriously entertaining the idea of having this baby in a birthing pool on our back deck. We live on the top floor of an apartment, but have a very wooded back yard that is pretty private. I think it sounds like a neat idea, and the hubby doesn't mind either! :D

  5. Gah! It's not in my BOM reader... it is pretty old tho... 1985... I guess this is in the new version? Shame.

    It's cool that the baby was born in the temple. Very cool. Like the previous commenter said tho. Where was the mention of the great job the mummy did? Gah! Yes, the use of language had me gagging. But cool... I'm hiding out in the temple next time... hahaha.

  6. funkyhan- It's in the one that's copyrighted 1997, which I think is the most recent one.


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