Friday, February 19, 2010

10 week countdown

McKay doesn't like to be reminded of this, but we'll be moving in 10 weeks! Woohoo!

I'm doing lots of decluttering. I was reading on another site and someone mentioned how decluttering is a way to be frugal/self-sustaining. I've noticed that as I declutter, I know I can live with less- which would ultimately mean I'd make smarter shopping choices and save money. Do I really need this? It also means buying less organizational tools like shelving and containers, which are surprisingly expensive.

What have I decluttered so far?
  • Plastic. I've mentioned bath toys and dishes so far. I also have a bag of some toys that I need to put up on Freecycle. I'm waiting until I clean behind the fridge and stove before freecycling them- I know I'll have stuff to add to that bag after I do.
  • Yarn. 5 plastic grocery bags full so far. How do I have so much? Well, when you're a knitter, people just come up to you and give you yarn. Seriously. Real life example: "Hey, my grandma died and we thought you'd like all the yarn in her basement!" I'm still working on the yarn de-cluttering. There are still pockets in the house of hidden yarn. Probably a few more bags.
  • Shirts. McKay and I had some shirts we never wear anymore. Then we Freecycled them. I kept some for any upcycling I can fit in my schedule the next 10 weeks, but whatever isn't used, will be gone.
  • Pictures. It's weird to throw out pictures, but it's not so bad. Put them in an album or toss them. If I have digital copies of them, I tossed them and figured if I really need them in the future, I can print them out again- most of them for less than a dollar.
  • Picture Frames. I'd really like a more minimalist decorating theme at our next place, so I got rid of all the random picture frames that were sitting around the house. Thank you Freecycle!
  • Books. This is a hard one. There are some books I love and some that are just sitting there. Some of the books we own are so popular (ie A Christmas Carol), that they are guaranteed to be at a library if I really really need to read them again. I signed up on Paperback Swap to get rid of those (I'm sending 8 out in the mail today!) and I'll Freecycle a few too. On Paperback Swap you have to pay to ship them away, but you can receive books for free. In the next 2 months, I'm going to try to read all the books on my "must read" list that I can find at our local library. The books I can't find, I'll wait and see if I can find them in California. If I can't, then I'll ask for them on PBS. Books are so heavy and expensive to move!
  • Textbooks. While it's nice to think "Someday my kids might want to look at my math books" that will be at least a decade and a half from now. And it's not like there won't be textbooks at libraries at secondhand stores 15 years from now! They can be nice reference books, but the last time I had to prove that there are an infinite number of primes three different ways was at least 2 years ago. Don't need.
  • Fabric. What I can't use in the next 10 weeks will be Freecycled.
  • Winter clothes. I highly doubt the winters in the Bay Area will be like Utah or Chicago winters. Less stuff to bring! Yay Freecycle.
  • Furniture. Our ugly desk chair will be going to DI. In the meantime, the birthball can serve as the replacement chair. We still need to decide when to sell our bed frame- now? later?
There is still so much to go through! Happy snowy Friday!


  1. Are you going to freecycle the yarn? :)

  2. Wow... good for you! I have a hard time letting go of certain books... I have the thought that someday my kids may want to read the books that I've loved.... of course, I don't even have kids yet!

  3. Part of me wishes we had to move and get rid of almost all our belongings...I love the feeling of getting rid of stuff. Unfortunately, we've been homeowners and renovators for almost 10 years now, so that means we have LOTS OF TOOLS. On top of all the furniture and clothes and kitchen stuff and decorations (etc etc etc) we also have an insane amount of tools, and it would be crazy to part with them because we use them. Not necessarily every month, but when you need a gas-shielded arc welder or an air compressor or a framing nailer or a chainsaw or a compound miter saw (ad infinitum) it's sure nice to be able to get it out of your garage and get to work!

  4. I'm moving in one week, and I was pretty shamed to show mum today, how much yarn we are going to carry from one house to another... Most likely I have all the yarn I'm ever going to use! (and I'm only 27 now...)

  5. a note of the winter clothes. if you ever plan on going somewhere cold in the winter, keep them. i regularly visit my folks in indiana in the winter or "spring" and my columbia jacket and thick turtleneck sweaters get lots of use then.

  6. I'll help you get rid of any excess fabric or shirts! :O) And any yarn that Joy doesn't want.


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