Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hit by a truck

I started feeling this way at 2 am Monday morning. And it's not mastitis. I'm not sure why this week has been particularly difficult, but I haven't been in a good blogging zone, hence Inquisition Monday was skipped and all my scheduled posts are on hold- except for yesterday's, of course. I have an essay to write, some research to do, moving preparations, and Inquisition Mondays to respond to. And I need to read and comment on the various #CarNatPar posts from yesterday. And my Tweetdeck won't open anymore. Today is grocery shopping day. And I need read those books I checked out that are due in 2 days. Oh, and Margaret had diarrhea yesterday; that was unexpected. I got to handwash our comforter! Must be something she ate.

I feel like I have this huge To Do list and it overwhelms me so I just give up and knit. Probably not the best solution. Ooh... Friday the Ravelympics start! Woohoo! Speaking of, I need to go for a walk and find a good target to tag. I mean, "find an appropriate setting for the installation art I'll be working on."

I know I said I'd do my next How to UP/UC post tomorrow, but I don't know if it'll get filmed. And I can't decide which topic I want to tackle. I practice what I'll say while I do dishes and stuff and Margaret gets confused as to why I'm talking to myself. Just trying to make sure I don't forget anything.

I think I'll go read Cake Wrecks. I purposely don't subscribe to their blog so that when I have bad days I can go and read a whole ton of posts and bring myself back up.

On the up: it's only 8 in the morning, so the day has a chance to redeem itself. It's only Wednesday, so the week can redeem itself. And Margaret is still asleep. And yesterday I noticed she started saying "sorry" when she bumps into people. She got that from me; I'm clumsy and I'm always bumping into her and apologizing.

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