Monday, February 15, 2010

Inquisition Monday: Changes

It's been a busy day and it's only going to get busier, so I chose to answer one of the easy questions this week.

asked, "After having had one UP/UC, is there anything you plan to do differently this time? (I'm sure you wouldn't mind a shorter labor, but that is not exactly something you can control.) Was there ever a time during your first UP/UC experience that you felt that you really might need medical attention?"

For one, I will eat more often and drink more often. I did eat and drink during those 44 hours, but I don't think it was enough. While discussing the birth plans at dinner the other night, I told McKay that if I haven't eaten in 3 hours, then he's supposed to offer me something.

I also know more about positions that I can put myself in to help reposition a stuck baby. While Margaret wasn't posterior, she could have been stuck at just the right angle to make the labor last long. Maybe it was a hand or her head was cocked just right. Either way, I know more now about how to move the baby; I'll probably turn that into a How to UP/UC post for a Thursday.

I may not have a water birth this time. When planning for Margaret's birth, I wasn't sure I wanted a tub- but after 12 hours of labor it was nice. If my labor had been shorter than 12 hours we never would have used it. I think this time will be similar: we may have a tub on hand, but if the labor is fairly short, I won't ever use it.

Did I feel like I needed medical attention during my birth? No. In fact, the friend who came over once suggested checking heart tones and my instinct was to throw something at her. I knew in my mind/body that I didn't need that and it was actually really annoying to be asked questions while I was laboring.

I did get stitches afterwards, but it was minor and I probably didn't need them. Because I felt most of the "ring of fire" towards the front, I worried I tore towards my urethra. I once had surgery to re-position of my urethra in my muscles, so this was a concern for me. However, once looked at, it was just a small perineal tear and my worries about a forward tear were unfounded. I hadn't prepared well for the possibility of stitches. While I did mother-led pushing, at the end I really felt like getting her out, so I pushed even when I didn't have contractions (it would induce a contraction, actually). I probably caused my own problems there. Next time I'll keep a pitcher of water and a large hand-held mirror on hand so I can rinse myself off and actually get a better idea of if/where I tore. I'll also have some seaweed on hand to treat any tears.

Another thing I might do differently is to have a solo birth. This is always a possibility- if I have a precipitous labor and McKay's at work, will he be able to come home in time? He'll be depending on public transportation or biking as his main modes transportation. Also since my last labor was so long, I might wait longer to inform him about it. Who knows?

Great, this post is reminding me of all the things I need to do before this summer. Off to make a list...


  1. I'm so excited for you. I bet it's nice having some experience under your belt this time.

  2. I LOVED the water. I labored both in and out of the water, and next time I plan to only labor IN the water. It was WONDERFUL! What didn't you like about it?

  3. Hi Heather, What would you do if your labour began with a premature rupture of membranes and the labour took longer than the usual advised 24hrs? - after which they say that there is a greater risk of infection of the baby with GBS (if present in the birth canal). These were conditions from my first labour and I am wondering what I could have done differently to have a homebirth. They do not routinely check for GBS in a swab sample prior to labour locally, they treat everyone as if they potentially have a GBS infection - and hence I laboured under pressure of the deadline and was given pit to speed up labour - Not a happy time :O( Your wisdom and advice would be gratefully received!


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