Monday, February 22, 2010

Inquisition Monday: More on Water

After last week's Inquisition, K La commented, "I LOVED the water. I labored both in and out of the water, and next time I plan to only labor IN the water. It was WONDERFUL! What didn't you like about it?"

Oh, I assure you, the water was GREAT. With over 24 hours of back labor (it didn't go away until about 3-4 in the afternoon on Saturday. Margaret was born at 6:45), water was my best friend. I was more buoyant and relaxed in the water. The water was kept warm and comfortable. It also allowed me to be on my hands and knees, which was a wonderful blessing. I tried to lie back against the tub a couple of times since I had seen it done in other waterbirths, but as soon as a contraction came, the pain was just so overwhelming, I had to turn over and handle the contraction on my hands and knees. That was probably the most painful aspect of the whole labor. I definitely understand why women would want pain relief if they must stay on their backs- even slightly reclined was so miserable. I am NOT doing that again.

But again, I'm not sure I want a waterbirth again. It's not because it wasn't wonderful- oh it was! It's because I'm lazy. I don't feel like blowing up a tub or filling or boiling water. We could have the pool ready- I've read of people having a tub blown up and filled partway with water so that when labor happens, you just need to add hot water to get a good temperature and depth. That's a possibility for us. But I'm kind of holding out for a short labor (read: 12 hours or less). I think I'd just be too lazy to get all that together for such a short labor.

I was thinking about my laziness this morning. I'm probably the most lazy person in the world. Why haven't I worked on night weaning? Oh- because I figure when she's 16 Margaret won't be coming home from her dates needing to nurse to sleep. I sometimes wonder if the reason Margaret was so late is that my subconscious decided to put off labor until it was necessary- and even then the pushing stage was left off until the last half hour. I never felt like nesting with Margaret: either my subconscious ignored my nesting instincts or convinced itself it wasn't important. I'm just a really lazy person in general.

So I really have nothing against the water. It was great and would probably be a wonderful addition to any of my future births. We'll probably get a tub "just in case" and see how it goes from there.


  1. Haha! I love how you say you are a lazy person! I say the same thing about myself, and that is why I parent the way I do (Bug in bed with us, nursing still, no vax, homebirth, etc). Of course, I still study and understand. But, my laziness helps!

  2. Ha, it's nice to see another person call herself lazy because that is how I feel.

    My midwife asked a couple of times if I considered a birthing pool, but it just seemed like too much work. I'd have to rent/buy one. When would we set it up? Where would we put it? The only rooms not carpeted are the bathroom (too small) and the kitchen. The kitchen? We'd have to move the table and re-locate the cat box....ugh. Too much work. We never bought a crib for similar reasons. Not enough room/too much work to re-organize, etc.

  3. Just curious about what you intend to do to try and have a shorter labour next time, which positions etc. are you thinking of trying out?

  4. See, I'd use a lot of words to describe you Heather, but lazy would not be one of them!

    After my recent experience with our birth pool, it was faaar too much hassle than it was worth. Had it not punctured it may have been a different story and I have to say I still really appreciated it for the few hours I was in it during my 8 or so hour labour. The bath really turned out to be fine in the end. Good thing I'm so short I guess :)

  5. Oh, and I wasnt' sure I could be bothered with it all (the pool) until the ctx hit hard and then YEAH, I wanted that water!!

  6. I know what you mean about all that work! My poor husband had to lug the pans of hot water up the stairs to the pool and my labor was only 6 hours. But the water was worth it for us. :)

  7. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't bother with a pool because she couldn't be bothered. I just thought "I'll see how it goes, maybe if I really need a pool, I'll get one next time." I certainly used the bath a lot which I did find relaxing, but it wasn't deep enough to cover my back when I was on my hands and knees.

    But hey, I got through it and had a baby, and I managed fine without a birthing pool. In keeping with my "What would a cavewoman do?" philosophy, I figure that if women have been giving birth without pools for centuries then I can, too.

    PS I know that women living near the sea might sometimes birth in the sea, but by and large, we do it on land!

  8. LOVED my pool. I have had it on hand for all 4 of my homebirths (2 UC's). It was luscious and helped so very much. Makes clean up so much nicer too. My labors were never over 3 hours. Twice we had time to blow up the pool and fill entirely. The other two times we had the pool blown up and left in another room. We turned our hot water heater up ad just filled it from our bathroom faucet using a drinking water hose.


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