Sunday, February 21, 2010


I haven't posted about babywearing in a while; much of the time Margaret will walk on her own. However, we always have exceptions.

The library is only a couple of blocks away- but that's still enough for a 1 year old to decide after half a block that walking isn't worth it. I try to remember to have my mei tai (or as Margaret says, "tie tie") with me. It goes over both shoulders and my belly is still small enough for her to be on my front. I'm sure it won't be long before I have to move her to my back.

About a month ago, I didn't have my mei tai at the library and I was hungry, thirsty, and tired. Margaret was all of that, too, and we headed home. She decided she wanted to be carried, so I picked her up. Then she decided to nurse, so I held, nursed and walked with her- all while slinging our bag of books on my shoulder- the 2 and a half blocks home. It was not a pleasant experience. I haven't forgotten the mei tai since.

I use the mei tai when we walk places: the library, church, the park, playgroups within walking distance, etc. She loves the mei tai and if I get it out, she'll suddenly become very interested in going outside when she wasn't before.

This morning, though, the sling was the savior. McKay had a meeting at church at 7:30. Church was at 9. I wasn't sure if he would be home before then or if I would have to get Margaret to church on my own.

Margaret likes to sleep in and it's wonderful except on Sundays. At 8:15, she was still sleeping. I made up some breakfast and she was stirring, so I picked her up and put her on the potty and then asked if she wanted to eat. Nope. She wanted to nurse. So I ate breakfast while nursing her at the table- she did have one reluctant bite of scrambled egg. She knows she can't nurse with food in her mouth, so she didn't want to put food in her mouth.

Next, I needed a shower, but she refused to be put down. We were running out of time so for the first time in months, I got out our shower sling. I think it's made of solarveil; I borrowed it over a year ago from a friend in our playgroup. It has been very helpful for those times when I needed to shower, but Margaret was sick or teething and insisted on being held. This morning, I showered, dried myself, and did my hair while she sat in the sling nursing. When we move, I'll have to return the sling to its owner, but I'll definitely be buying or making one for ourselves. I don't know how anyone gets through those clingy days without a shower sling!

Margaret is 25 pounds now, but she still needs to be carried places. Being held is an important part of being a small child and I'm glad that fabric was invented for this.


  1. Does she sit in the sling, or lay while nursing? Are you just extra careful in the shower so she doesn't get water in her face?

  2. She sits on my hip and the sling takes the place of my arm. I never could figure out how to nurse with the baby lying down in the sling- most babies seem to protest this because their tummy is scrunched up and it aggravates things like reflux. Anyway, since she's pretty experienced with breastfeeding, she can latch on at almost any angle. The water did get on her face once or twice and she unlatched for that, but didn't seem to mind. She's always been pretty mellow about showers.

  3. I sooooo wish I had had a shower sling when Michael was younger! I eventually gave in to showering when he was asleep and then later to showering in the evenings while he plays with Daddy.

    And I wish I could still walk places with him! I hurt my ankle, and the dang thing won't heal.

  4. I've been wanting to learn about solarveil for 3 years! I talked about wishing for a sling for shower time thinking it was a great idea but hadn't been marketed and I didn't ever take the time to buy material to make one. Cool! I might have to get one for summers and swimming. Belle is so happy to play on the floor of the shower but it might be good to have on hand if she does need to be held.

  5. Wow, you are so skilled with the sling. I have a big fear of slipping in the shower, so I think I'd be too afraid to sling a baby in there.

  6. Now I have to get one of those slings! When Peanut is in one of those moods where she just won't let me sit her down, I end up just not showering. I know, it's gross. Hence needing to get a shower sling!


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