Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weird day

It has been a strange day. I don't even know where to start. Good things happened, weird things happened, and some things disappointed.

It all started at 3 am when I woke up. I went to bed at 10:30, so this wasn't a planned waking. Remember I mentioned I had to write an essay? The reason I hadn't written it was because I hadn't been inspired about it yet. I felt I should write it and even chose a topic, but had no idea how to approach it- until I woke up at 3 in the morning. The essay wrote itself in my head. At 4:15, I had to make a choice: try to go back to sleep or type it up. If I went back to sleep, I might lose my essay, so I got up and typed it up. By 5:30 it was done. Then I went back to sleep.

At 9 I woke up. Margaret was still asleep and on the breast. McKay was at work. I opened up the laptop to find that @LactatingGirl would be at a nursing toddler LLL meeting in Salt Lake. She wanted to know if I could come and wanted to meet up. I was planning on going to SLC on Saturday because our MacBook needed looking at... Maybe I could reschedule that appointment to this afternoon. LLL was at 10:15, google maps said it would take me 50 minutes. I could do it...

Ate some toast and yogurt with granola. Woke Margaret up, put her on the potty and gave her some yogurt. Packed grapes and apples for snacks. It would be a long trip, so I got out a diaper. Margaret only wears diapers at church and sometimes when we can get them on her at bedtime. She kind of hates it, so she often goes to bed buck naked. Thankfully, in the past 3 weeks, she has wet the bed only once. Anyway, I got out the diaper and she refused to let me put it on her. Oh well, it wasn't worth it to fight her on the matter so I packed an extra change of pants and we went out the door, but not without her doll and gorilla.

Once at the car, I realized that it needed new power steering fluid. And I left the camera in the house. If I was going to meet fellow bloggers, I needed my camera, right? I ran back into the house and grabbed an extra bottle of steering fluid, the camera and extra batteries. The camera had died the day before, of course. Refilled the steering fluid. Everyone was buckled in.

Finally, with only 40 minutes to go, we left. The trip did take 50 minutes, so I was a little late. Also, as I turned into a street, I lost control of the transmission and the car wouldn't switch gears. I manually put it in second gear and the problem miraculously fixed itself, though I was a little unsure about the whole thing. Also I wasn't familiar with the area so it took me time to find parking. But I got there and I sat down.

I had never been to a nursing toddler meeting. Our local Provo/Orem LLL doesn't have one, but Salt Lake's was nice. The topic was about how sex changes for the couple as you add to your family. Not a bad topic to show up for since we'll be adding number 2 this summer. Lots of good ideas on keeping intimacy important and about how breastfeeding affects the relationship. Some of the moms are also bedsharers so there were lots of good advice. After the meeting, I stayed and mingled and talked about EC with some moms and then LactatingGirl came up and introduced herself. We talked about blogs and got a picture. She does a cool segment on Child Led Weaning on Wednesdays. I also subscribe to the idea that once a baby can eat solid foods (sits up, can bring food to their mouth, has teeth, etc) you can just give them "big people food" and skip the pureed stage. We never mushed food for Margaret. We just started with soft foods like avocado and banana that she could feed to herself. After all, babies can't explore textures if everything is the same.

Me and LactatingGirl and our respective small persons

Oh and there was also some mention of some political action regarding legislation concerning breastfeeding/pumping accommodations for employed moms here in Utah. I'll give that subject its own post within the next day or so.

Next I took Margaret to the bathroom and she surprisingly had no qualms about the public restroom and went. I did, however, make sure I left the stall door open and we used the large stall so she would be more comfortable. We left and I got Margaret into the car; I looked over the car because that transmission thing still had me weirded out, but everything seemed ok and I headed over to the Gateway to get the laptop looked at. Need more weirdness? As I got Margaret out of the car in the parking garage, her face was covered in dried blood.

At first, I thought it was just stains from the grapes I had given to her to snack on, but it was pretty obviously not that. It looked like she had a nose bleed- from what, I have no idea. The drive between LLL and the Gateway was about 15-20 minutes and sometime during the drive, her nose started bleeding and she wiped it all over her face and hand. I got her out and we went to the elevator. I didn't have a wet cloth to wash her off so I was paranoid that someone would see her and think I had hit her or something. And of course, as we're waiting for the elevator, the police officer who was patrolling the parking garage passed us. Luckily he didn't see her face.

Then we went to the Apple Store, signed in and waited for 15 minutes for our appointment (all the while I tried using mom spit to clean her up). Our Apple Care covered a new power adapter and a new facing for the keyboard, but not a new casing for the crack on the side. Two out of three wasn't bad, though. They said they had all the parts and could fix it in 30 minutes. I left the laptop with them and Margaret and I went to find food as it was now after 1pm and all we had were apples and grapes.

Would you believe it's hard to find food at the Gateway? There are some nice restaurants, but I didn't want a nice restaurant- I wanted quick food, so we went to an ice cream place and got some sorbet. Not the best lunch, but I figured it would hold us over until later. During our sorbet, the Apple Store called to tell me the laptop was finished. Once we were done, Margaret not only had blood on her face, but now berry sorbet. I promise: I don't hit my child.

Back at the Apple Store, we let them know we're there and we are promised it'll be out in 2 minutes. Thirty minutes later we were still waiting, but we got the laptop, didn't have to pay a cent and we left. Onward!

Back to the car and we left the parking garage. Having been parked for an hour and a half (darn that wait in the Apple Store!), I owed $1. Cash. I didn't have cash. I didn't expect for the errand to take that long. I rummaged around and asked the parking attendant if she could take a credit card.

"For a dollar? Don't you have some quarters or something?"

"Uh..." I kept rummaging and I found a dime. Then suddenly, 4 quarters appeared under some old receipts. Relief! That was quite the miracle, I tell you. We NEVER have cash and our only change is kept with the laundry stuff.

We headed home and Margaret wasn't a fan of the car, so I called one of her friends and let her talk on the phone. She let her friend know she was "sad" because of the car. When she was done with her conversation, we sang songs and eventually she fell asleep. By "eventually" I mean "when there were only 5 minutes left of the 45 minute drive."

I carried her in the house and she's currently finishing her nap on the bed. In the past 6 hours, my RSS feed picked up 117 posts I need to read. Dear World: stop blogging! I made myself some leftovers and Margaret will get some leftovers when she wakes up. I'm sure she'll be famished. Also, she's still dry. This was our longest adventure out of the house without a diaper and it was quite the success.

Though there is still blood on Margaret's face. Still not sure how that happened.


  1. What an adventure! Nice to read about a day in the life of Top Hat.

  2. aughguahaguhguhguhg

    I was planning to go and stayed home with Mastitis. *bangs head on wall*

  3. That was entertaining! Yeah, weird. Way to be spontaneous, though!


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