Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Labor Dream

I'm getting to that stage in my pregnancy when labor dreams show up more. Last week I had another.

In my dream, I was in labor- very close to the "ring of fire." There was a midwife there and I decided to ask her to check my dilation. Why? I don't know. I was apparently pretty far along and I knew that, but I asked her anyway. Her response?

"You're somewhere between 4 and 9, give or take a couple of centimeters."

That wasn't... vague...

Anyway, her answer kind of pissed me off, and so I got tense and immediately I felt my cervix close a little and the baby's head went back a couple of centimeters in station.

Noticing this, the midwife gave suggestions on relaxing and other things to encourage dilation, but the more she suggested, the less open my cervix was.

And I woke up before the baby was born, still amazed at the "between 4 and 9, give or take..." statement. I mean, really, who says that?

Oh well, it was just a dream. Maybe it's verifying to me that I'd be more comfortable on my own. Or it was just dream. A crazy weird dream.


  1. LOL. That was funny.

    Too bad you woke up before the birth. I recently had a labor dream and I was actually having a natural birth, which was very exciting. I was starting to push the baby out, and then Michael woke me up. I was so sad I didn't get to finish!

  2. I'd take that as confirmation to UC too!

  3. Oh, I have had several labor dreams. And I am always on my own (should I fire my midwife??? lol) and it is always wonderful and I always name *her* the same thing. When I wake up from those dreams I have to remind myself that they didn't actually happen! But, it definitely makes me want to un-invite everyone that I've invited to the birth!

  4. I've never had a labour dream! Maybe next time round I will, because I'll have more idea what to dream about. Funny thing is, thinking back to my labour, it feels like a dream anyway.

  5. "Who says that?" LOL You do!! That sounds exactly as vague and mysterious as your DUE DATE!! hee hee

  6. Haha AJ. You're right. That sounds like me. I'd make a terrible midwife.


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