Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Visions, Our Voices

Yesterday, I went to Our Visions, Our Voices: A Mormon Women's Literary Tour at UVU. It was part of a tour of Mormon women writers that started in California and ends tonight in Salt Lake City. "Mormon" was not restricted to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but included the Community of Christ and Fundamentalist LDS groups, too. Speakers were chosen for the tour to read their poetry and prose to the group, and those who came to listen were welcome to give copies of their manuscripts to the project where they will be preserved in a collection of writings of Mormon women in the 21st century.

I arrived a few minutes late because of snow and my inability to walk quickly because of my pregnancy. Fortunately, it seems that they run on "Mormon Standard Time" too and I was there before they started. As Reese Dixon described on her blog about going to the California presentation, we started with the group poem, "My grandmother's name is..." Each member in the audience shared their grandmother's name as a way for us all to connect. It was very nice.

I forgot a notebook and pen, so I didn't take notes (I remembered my knitting though!). And I only stayed for an hour because I needed to get home to nurse Margaret down for her nap. But the hour that I was there was very nice. I'm very partial to personal narratives and memoir writings, so those were the ones that held my attention most. The experience reminded me to work on my own writings, but being surrounded by poets and writers with writing degrees was a little intimidating as a lowly math major.

While sitting there, I could imagine a similar set up for small Relief Society groups where women could get together and share their writings with each other. It is definitely a medium for inviting the Spirit and lifting each other up as sisters.

I also forgot a camera, but on the blog, By Common Consent, you can see a picture of the writers/speakers at yesterday's forum. If you're in Salt Lake, there is still time to go to the one tonight at 7!

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