Sunday, April 04, 2010

Belly Pics!

How far along am I? I forget. Less than 44 weeks at any rate.

They are taken at an odd angle because McKay was showing Margaret how to use the camera.


  1. I loved it when I finally 'looked pregnant' instead of just vaguely fat ;o) You're looking gorgeous!

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous :) makes me broody again :)

  3. Lovely! Diggin' the skirt!!! (almost all of my skirts are long and flowy "hippie" skirts. It's nice, because they are so comfy -all the time!)

  4. What a gorgeous skirt! You look fabulous, healthy and happy.

  5. Love the skirt - and the short hair! Isn't it wonderful? (I've got a pixie cut, too)

    And your belly looks lovely! You're glowing!


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