Monday, April 26, 2010

Inquisition Monday

There were lots of questions last week (besides yesterday's), but with the move, I'm answering the least research-intensive question at the moment and when we finally have regular Internet service again, I'll be back on track.

So for today's quickie:
Paige asked, referring to the video of how I nurse Margaret in church, "How do you get Margaret to sit still?"

Good question. This video is slightly misleading since it was taken at home after church instead of during church; it was taken during the time when she expects to be nursed down for a nap, so she was acting pretty mellow. In contrast, we had early church this year so she was always wide awake and ready to run around when we went. It's been a challenge to help her hold that energy in until nursery. She's much more fidgety at church.

Also, I usually nurse in church when she's not feeling well, such as when she bumps her head on the pew in front of us. And because she's 2, she automatically comes to me for nursing when she's hurt and nurses very willingly. It has not always been like this, however. There were times when she was off and on and off and on and off and on. Before she was old enough for nursery, she liked to watch the speaker and if a new speaker started talking or something else changed in the situation at church (music, prayer, someone walking into a room) she would look up and breastfeeding would be put on hold for a few moments.

Calmness while nursing is a stage thing. When babies are more aware of the world around them, it's harder for them to focus on nursing. Margaret definitely had that stage, and now she's at an older, more experienced nursing stage with less distraction. I just accepted the fact that there might be some stray nipple. It was usually short-lived and unless someone was really staring, it was probably not noticeable. And if it was, well, it happens sometimes.

As of tomorrow, I'm going to temporarily turn off anonymous comments so that when I come back online to moderate them, I won't have to delete a bunch of spam ones. I'll resume anonymous comments after that. Also, over the next week or so, our Internet access will be sporadic so comment moderation will take longer than usual. Sorry about that.


  1. I just put Ava down for a nap so we won't get to say goodbye to you at playgroup today. I'm glad to have met you once though and discovered your blog! I think you're fabulous and hope you quickly find a place to live in SF!!

  2. Thanks for answering! Good to know it is a phase. I've been working on it by asking Aellyn "are you all done" everytime she pops off. That was one of the first phrases she understood because she learned the sign for all done early. When I ask that she latches back on really quick! :) She still can't help herself looking around at the exciting world but that's ok! :)


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