Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving Plans

Our moving plans are slowly falling into place. And by "falling into place" I mean that we still have no idea where we'll live in a week and a half.

BUT we have decided to leave a couple of days earlier so we can find a place. We've officially changed the truck reservation and are already packing. We're just doing a few boxes every day, but we don't have all that much. We've packed up our books, my yarn, food storage, cloth diapers, the bathroom stuff (minus things like toothbrushes, of course), and Margaret's baby clothes. Today my sights are set on the rest of my craft things, which is really not much. I still need to go through the kitchen and pantry.

It's also surprisingly hard to get rid of a partially-working stereo. It works a lot of the time and probably just has a loose wire, but no one on Freecycle will take it. There are also a few bags of stuff by the door for DI and various friends. I'm giving up on Freecycling it all because we've had a lot of no shows this past week.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I'm carrying this baby pretty low. In fact, there is about an inch and a half of fundal height that is completely unused by the baby. The baby is vertical and is comfortable on the right side. Based on early fundal measurements, the placenta is on the left, and based on the fact that I can't hear it, it's on the back. Having the baby on the right side can mean posterior, so I need to watch that. I don't feel very inclined to reposition the baby at this point, but I would like a birth without back labor.That was seriously the worst part of my labor, but once Margaret was in a good position, she was out in 4 hours and I felt in control from that point on. I'm hoping I can skip the back labor and go straight into the "I'm in control and this baby is coming out" stage.

So this next week or so will be cleaning and packing and trying to figure out all the semantics of moving. Meanwhile, here's my little girl:


  1. Ugh, moving is a pain. Good luck.

    Do you know about the belly lift? They teach it to us in hypnobabies.... its supposed to really help with repositioning a posterior baby, even during labor. It can also make labor shorter from what I've heard. I wish I had learned about it with my last one.

  2. good luck with the move!! that is no fun! although we moved when I was pregnant with my first and I got out of a lot because of it lol

    and do a lot of cleaning on your hands and knees! that will help with the baby (although I am sure you know that already :)

  3. I'm sure your birth will be awesome, no matter how long it goes. I had a grueling 18-hour labor with my first (I realize yours was FAR longer), and then a nice 11-hour labor with my 2nd. I thought I was on track for a 6-hour labor with my 3rd. But, no dice. It was 17 hours, and he didn't come out until we bound my belly. After that it was only an hour or two.


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