Friday, May 07, 2010


Hi I'm back.

I started off at 1000+ items behind in my google reader, and I'm down to 337. If I don't comment on your awesome blog posts from this last week, forgive me.

In the words of Inigo Montoya-

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Our trip was long and intensive. I might blog about it or just leave all the details for your imaginations. It included snow chains in the Sierras, staying a night in San Francisco (very nice place!) and finding an apartment in 2 days. I spent the last 6 days unpacking, cleaning and sitting around for Internet. We called the ISP last Saturday and they couldn't come out until today! They don't deserve the $99 installation fee.

Still on my list of things to do:
Buy a couch.
And a desk.
And a set of table and chairs for the kitchen (we've been using a cardboard moving box).
And a bike for McKay.
Get Margaret into a routine again.
With library story time, perhaps?
And a regular playgroup?
Join a CSA (sadly, we don't have a yard)
Get a new driver's license and register to vote in CA.
Register the car
Get car/renter's insurance out here.
Get health insurance.
Balance the checkbook (eek).
Buy a bigger car seat for Margaret so the baby can have hers.
Check out that yarn store 2 blocks away! (Yipee!)
Prepare for the baby.
Blog a few posts that have been sitting in my head for the past week.

Oh- and I just discovered that people consider 36 weeks to be 9 months*. I always went off the actual months. Margaret's "due date" was March 8, so I was 9 months on March 8, 8 months on February 8, 7 months on January 8, etc. Have I been doing it wrong? Was I pregnant for almost 11 months with Margaret, then? That doesn't make any sense to me. Of course, this is all null and void for this pregnancy with the seasons. :) Good-bye confusing months!

*I'm not 36 weeks, btw. That would put this baby due BEFORE the solstice and this baby is due in the summer, which is clearly AFTER the solstice.


  1. I've been eagerly awaiting your update! I'm so glad you all made it safely AND found a new home so quickly! We all miss you up here already! Do you like your new place?

    Tell Margaret we miss her at playgroup and that we hope she finds some new fantastic friends in Cali soon!

  2. Glad to hear you're settling in. And that you found an apartment so quickly.

    I always thought that if you said you were 9 months pregnant, you would be at or close to 40 weeks, not 36.

  3. I always wondered about the different references of months of pregnancy, since 40 weeks is based on 10 lunar months, but it is closer to 9 calendar months...Does that mean that none of us can really be wrong anyway? It is just an estimated day anyway.

  4. Yay! I'm glad you are back. I hope you guys get settled down quickly and that list of things to do vanishes without too much hassle!

    I always wonder about the weeks vs. months pregnancy length thing, too. It all has to do with whether you view one month as being 4 weeks and only 4 weeks. Or if you give it more room, because some months have 5 weeks. Babies will come when babies are ready to come, right!? Who really cares how long it takes!?

  5. Hooray! I'm glad you made it!

  6. Yay! You're back! Good luck getting everything on your list done.

    I have heard it said that the "average" pregnancy is 40 weeks, or ten "lunar" months, from mom's last menstrual period, which comes out to somewhere around nine-ish calendar months.

    My baby is due on June 23, and I am very interested in seeing whether he'll end up being a Gemini or a Cancer, a spring baby or a summer baby. It's kind of neat being due right on the cusp of a season.

  7. Missed you! While you were gone, I read about your pregnancy with Margaret (because I found this blog when she was a year or so old) and read Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn, as you've recommended. Loved it! Ordered my own copy on Amazon! I don't have kids yet (first IVF next month) so I was pleasantly surprised by how many of the suggestions I already use in my middle-school classroom. For example, Kohn suggests giving children choices - when I give a quiz, there are generally 12 questions and I tell my students to pick any 10. It makes me sad how shocked they are when they get to choose things like that. "No one else lets us pick!" Well, welcome to my world, kiddo. Thank you so much for writing this blog. I have learned so much from you in the past few months; I feel like I'm a better person and I will be a better mom because of you.

  8. Congrats on finding an apartment.

    And no, 9 months is not 36 weeks, unless every month is only 28 days. Some people can only do very basic math, I guess. :P

  9. Congrats on the new place! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. HI I am new to your blog. I found you on my sister's (Lisa C) blog.
    I really appreciate your posts about nursing in church. I am pregnant with our second and am hesitant to use the "mother's room" it is really just a chair in a bathroom. It always smells bad and I don't want to have to sit there and listen to people use the toilet while I am nursing my son.
    Thanks for your courage to do what you feel is right, and to share it with others.

  11. Isn't moving fun? It's all the little things that add up that really make it so exhausting. Glad you're back though!

  12. I'm feeling a tad bit better then as I am right now working through 300 posts in my reader. Usually I don't get past 70-something. I haven't moved (yet) but all the work getting ready to move is exhausting and time consuming enough. Oh right, and I've been trying to preserve my brain cells just to write a post here and there. When I comment I'm pretty much running on fumes. Happy to see you back though!

  13. Yay, you survived!!!!!


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