Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini Life Update

I was going to do a How to UC/UP post today, but yesterday was so crazy I didn't have time to get a video done.

You see, Margaret is STILL teething. Still. These molars will give her a break for a week or a few days and then try to come in at full force. Yesterday was probably the worst day. When she woke up, she felt warm to me, but not overly warm, so I figured it was just the blankets. She was very tired all day and insisted on going to bed a few times. We did go to LLL and she was clingy there until the end when she insisted on going home, but also insisted on not going towards the car. Screaming ensued the entire two block walk to the car. She fell asleep in the car, only to be woken up in my attempt to bring her inside

She refused food and drink except for the breast all day. Her fever stayed low (around 101), but was present. Clingy, nursing, feverish child. I tried everything to get her to eat and drink. While I know she was getting some colostrum from me, that's not enough for a 2 year old. I knew she was dehydrated because at 2:30, I realized she hadn't peed since she woke up in the morning. At one point, she relented to eating yogurt. As for drink, I tried everything- even getting out the bendy straws to make it more appealing; this caused more frustration because the straws wouldn't stand in whatever position she expected it to. In the end, I had to spoon-feed her water to get her to drink.

She wasn't contagious or anything, just feverish from the swelling in her mouth. Today she is her usual self and the fever is gone, but the teeth are still not through.

So I didn't film my vlog for today. What I did learn yesterday is that if her teeth aren't all in before the baby comes, I might go mad. I had to hold her every minute of the afternoon to help her sleep and nurse her. When McKay came home, he was able to give me some by myself time, which was wonderful. But I can't take care of a newborn AND a clingy 2 year old. I can't. This is why we're looking into postpartum doulas. Margaret isn't like this every day or even on any regular basis, but with the chance she'll have days like this in the future, I'm calling in reinforcements.


  1. Yikes! Bug is a "high need" kid, too. I think the only time I can get him to leave me alone (gosh, that sounds bad) is to stick in the movie Cars (gosh, that sounds worse!). He also has been teething. (One finally came through.) It hasn't been as bad as his previous teeth, though, for which I am eternally grateful!

    If my insurance would pay for my midwife...or if my husband would let me UC...maybe I could afford a postpartum doula. That would be nice. Luckily, I do have lot of close friends and family.

  2. Good for you! Best make plans now than when it gets super crazy with 2 young children around! yikes! :)
    I always think, we weren't meant to raise children alone, like we are kind of doing in our society. We used to live in groups, with plenty of help around, and which did not involve going *away* from your child, just, you know, help. So we have to create our own resources & help circle, for those moments when 2 hands simply aren't enough... :)


  3. Wow. We might be living the same life. Max got three molars in a week, and the last one has been kicking our butts for the last six weeks. I am so sick of our rocking chair. And more than once I've looked at Max and silently prayed that somehow things will calm down in the next six months. Other times I shake my head and mutter "what was I thinking?!"

  4. Michael is teething horribly right now. His teeth have been slow to come in and are now playing catch up. He's so miserable. I hope for your sake hers come through before the baby, too. A postpartum doula sounds like a great idea!

  5. All I can do is say I've been there! My 26 month old daughter teethes the same way your Margaret does - the fever, no food, needing to be held, etc.

    It's tiring and I feel SO overtouched!

  6. Heather, have you tried anything topically to relieve the pain for Margaret? A few ideas come to mind that you may consider trying (if you haven't already!) Clove oil and EVOO are wonderful at soothing the pain. Hylands homeopathic teething tablets are available at almost any pharmacy over-the-counter. Cold, wet or frozen wash cloth to chew on or homemade juice popsicles. Our favorite summertime treat is frozen cubed mango chunks. She may enjoy chewing on some of her favorite fruit frozen for hydration, nourishment, and pain relief. We also like skinned grapes from the freezer. Strawberries stay harder (more frozen) longer than some other fruits. Just some ideas for you! I hope those teeth come through soon for the both of you; they're sure taking their sweet time aren't they?!

  7. I don't blame you looking for a postpartum doula. Joe's right - we're not meant to raise kids on our own. I am so fortunate to have my parents nearby. I have a friend who is coping with a one year old and a newborn on her own, without even her husband. I don't know how she does it. It is possible, but it sure is hard work.

  8. Crystal- She won't let us put anything in her mouth. I sometimes try to feel her gums to see how close we are to the end, but it means lots of screaming. We have some homeopathic chamomilla, which helps, but only if I can get her to take it. We do have some frozen fruit- maybe I'll try that.


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