Monday, May 17, 2010

A Year of No 'Poo

**Your regularly scheduled Inquisition Monday will return next week!**

It has been one year since I have used shampoo on a regular basis. At first, my hair was a greasy greasy mess. It's now much more manageable. Well, either that or I've just gotten used to the greasy mess.

Over the course of the year I have used shampoo about 5 times- mostly when I went to go get my hair done. Going from washing with shampoo daily to every couple of months or so has definitely cut down on my plastic bottle usage. In fact, I'm currently using a small glass jelly jar to hold my baking soda, so at least in that arena, there's no more plastic at all. I am still using a plastic spray bottle for the vinegar solution, though. Overall, I'm feeling much better about my hair's carbon footprint.

My routine depends on how my hair is feeling. I probably wash my hair every 2-5 days depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I only use baking soda, sometimes I only use vinegar, sometimes I use both, and sometimes neither. I think cutting it short has really helped me keep my hair under control. I'm currently growing it out to my ears, but I probably won't let it go longer than that. I like the ease of having short hair and McKay likes the neck access.

My biggest problem with No 'Poo was our hard water in Utah. Utah has some of America's hardest water. California's water is much softer. We've only been here for a couple of weeks, but I'm curious to see how the softer water will affect my hair as time progresses. I'm hoping to have less buildup and so I won't need to wash it as often. I've already noticed that I can go longer without washing my hair.

Margaret is also a No 'Poo-er, but I do use shampoo on her every couple of months just like my hair. I've found that the vinegar spray is a pretty good detangler for her crazy toddler hair.

Here we are yesterday. I wish I had her hair! So perfect!


  1. I've been playing around with no shampoo the last several months. I haven't given it up completely... sometimes I forget to get my baking soda or vinegar before hopping in the shower or I'm traveling, etc. On average I probably use shampoo once every 2 weeks and then much less than I used to. I've been washing my hair in some form or other about every 3 days. Its been really nice. My hair feels much healthier, and I have way less product buildup when I use vinegar. I have really thick hair so I would always get product buildup in the back underneath. With longer hair, I don't know if I'll ever get to a point where I can go totally 'poo free, but it feels good to be at the point I'm at.

  2. Oh man...I wish I had stuck with the no 'poo thing. As soon as I went back to shampoo (which I can't even remember my reason) I got HORRIBLE dandruff. I never had issues before, and I didn't really have trouble during the experiment...but now it is bad! I want to try going no 'poo again...but it was hard with long hair, and I don't want to go short.

  3. You both have really shiny healthy looking hair too! Glad it's worked out so nicely!

  4. oh how cool!! you have probably said this at some point on your blog but how do you wash it with vinegar/baking soda?

  5. I love how Margaret's hair curls! In Salt Lake the no poo went great, but when we moved back to Provo I couldn't get it worked out anymore :( To get my hair clean I had to use so much bs that the ends got really dry even using coconut oil. Someday I want to have a water softener if we stay here and then I can switch back :)

  6. When I had hair down to my butt I got really into an online forum for people with long hair and there were a lot of proponents of the no poo system. I read quite a bit about it and tried a few things. The baking soda/vinegar never worked for me - and maybe it was because I just had so much freaking hair. But it did get me to stop washing my hair every day, I found letting the oils build up helped my hair become much healthier. I tried and got great results with what they refer to as "Conditioner only" washing. Switching to a conditioner that does not contain any silicone derivatives (V05 is cheap and was my go-to company), put lots of it on your hair, put a shower cap on for 3-5 minutes, then use some water to lather it up and rinse it off. The commercial conditioners have enough scrubby things in them that it gets the dirt and oil off and leaves your hair ridiculously soft, as you might imagine. Also great for preventing hair frizz on humid days.

    But then I moved, started a new job and had less time to futz around with four and a half feet of hair, I colored it a few times, chopped it to my chin and am only now starting to grow it out. I still only wash it every three days but am back to using shampoo.

  7. So since you don't use shampoo on your hair, do you still use soap on your body? Or is that some sort of baking soda/vinegar combination too?


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