Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Babies!

I have a few posts in my "to publish" queue, but I haven't really been able to write a good post (pregnancy brain?), so they haven't been published. I'm also waiting for McKay to hold the camera so I can do a "this is how I know the baby's position" post. As of two days ago, it was LOA. Last night I thought it might be ROA, but this morning feels like LOA again.

The weather here has been nice. Today's high is 73! I love these cool summers! I've also been knitting. I'm almost done with a skirt that I hope will fit me postpartum. It's my first adult-sized knitted garment that's not a hat or sock. Getting the sizing correct is something that worries me. Knitting takes time and I don't want to knit up this skirt to find out I got the size wrong.

Last night, both McKay and I had birth dreams! I had 2 birth dreams and he had one. He dreamed I had twin girls. My first dream was twins: a girl then a boy, and my second dream was a singleton girl. The second one was very vivid for me. The birth was calm and steady. I had no tearing except for a little scratch on the side, which we took care of with some herbal tissue repair cream. The baby was healthy and nursed well.

Actually, most of the dream was about "forgetting" the baby in places. At one point, we went to the library for story time and when we got there, I realized that we forgot the baby at home and made McKay go get her. Things like that. Maybe my "mom of more than one child" fears are creeping in.

McKay didn't give me any details about his twin dream, just that they were girls and it was a very fast birth: babies popping out quickly. Maybe his birth fear is that he won't get to the birth on time?

So last night, I had 5 babies, 4 of which were girls. Hmm. We'll see how that goes. I do have some intuition on the matter, but I'm not sharing it.

Happy weekend everybody!

PS. Don't forget to see Toy Story 3. It's awesome and also means job security for us. :)

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  1. I'll be taking Iris to TS 3 this weekend! It will be her first movie in a theater. I hope we're ready for this!


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