Monday, June 21, 2010

The Due Season

It's the solstice! This means I'm due any day from here until the autumn equinox!

It's kind of weird that I'm "due" now (and for the next three months). What makes it especially weird is that we're actually preparing ahead of time. We have the tub and all the paperwork for a birth certificate, and I ordered the herbs I think I'll need. I even started taking my Floravital to build up my iron! Whoa! What is wrong with me?

Last time I didn't get the birth certificate stuff or tub until I was about 41 weeks. It's almost like I'm nesting or something, but not really. Still need a carseat, though. We're planning on upgrading Margaret to a bigger seat so she can continue to rear-face for a couple of years and giving the baby her seat. We should order one or just not leave the house with both kids for a while.

Now, I'm not 100% ready. Still need some things like seaweed, chux pads, sitz bath herbs, peroxide, and a tie for the umbilical cord. And maybe some extra towels And I need to start making up double meals and freezing the extra. I started doing that pretty early last time. Definitely before now at least. Our postpartum doula plans aren't working out well. I need to go on a doula search again.

I'm also wondering if I want to do anything for catching stray milk. I was soaked with milk for months and I have Mom Guilt for not collecting my extra and giving it to a friend who needed it. I'm wondering if I should get a small hand pump and some milk bags just in case I run into someone who needs extra. Of course, if I'm nursing two this time around, I might not have extra.

Now to the fun part!
Because we don't do ultrasounds for finding out the sex of our babies, we don't know what this one will be. Last time with Margaret, we let people guess the sex and whoever guessed right, got an email announcing the birth before the people who guessed wrong. And by "before the people who didn't" I mean "about 2 minutes before" so it's not actually that much of an advantage.

But if you want an email announcement when this baby comes, guess the sex in the comments and leave an email address. You'll get an email before September 21st. :)

Here's a picture of me and some info if that helps you guess:

I didn't realize how big my belly is until I saw this picture. Maybe it's the dress. I definitely don't feel big.

Also, my boy/girl ratio in dreams has been right at 1:1.
I did not throw up this pregnancy, but I was nauseous. With Margaret's pregnancy, I did throw up a few times, but I wasn't really that sick: I would take a bite of my breakfast, throw it up, and finish the breakfast no problem. And that only happened a handful of times. I think my nausea was actually about the same for the two pregnancies and I've just learned how to control my gag reflex better.
More aches and pains this time around.

Oh, and our garbage man is pretty sure I'm having a boy, if that matters to you.


  1. I'm guessing girl. But it's really just a random guess - no intuitive stuff going on.

    If you're looking for a recommendation on a hand pump, I have and use the Avent Isis manual pump and love it!

  2. I have a question: What is the seaweed for?

    And have you heard of the Milkies milksavers?

    I've personally found hand expression to be just as effective as a pump.

  3. The seaweed is for healing a possible perineal tear.

    As for hand expression- I never really got the hang of it. I was always so engorged that touching them hurt a lot. I did use a small borrowed hand pump for engorgement, but that hurt too. I woke up with rocks on my chest for MONTHS. It was pretty bad. I'll definitely try hand expression again to see if I can figure it out better this time.

  4. I'm going to guess boy just because everyone I know this year who is having second babies is having the opposite of their first. So scientific.

    I found that the bit of pain that went along with pumping or hand expression was way better than feeling engorged. I often pumped right before I went to bed after Asher was already asleep. That way I wasn't as engorged after a longer stretch with no nursing. Massaging my breasts in the shower also helped although I never tried to collect any that way. :-)

    Good luck with your preparations. I'm excited to hear how things go. I'm hoping my little arrives this week!

  5. I can help with the seaweed, the hand pump and chux pads. I have some seaweed left over from Belle's luau and I bought a hand pump for my mom's house and only used it when I was attending a conference. I had been planning to put it on craigslist but if you'd like, gifting it to you sounds like a much better plan. After my mom's stroke, we got a big box of chux pads and mattress protectors. It would be great if you took some of them.

    I'm guessing that you're having another girl. I'd love to be added to the email list. jenneology at hotmail dot com.

  6. Jenne- that would be great. I'll FB message you. :)

  7. I say... hmm. Girl!

    Also, both you & Margaret look just lovely in the photo! She's getting so big - I love her smile!

  8. I'm betting girl, for no other reason than I have two girls close together and its fun.

    I liked the Avent Isis pump too. And for what its worth, I spent six months engorged with my first and was terrified of it happening again because I was so uncomfortable. But the second time around, I had about two days of the footballs on the chest feeling and then I was fine. And if you have two nurslings, I bet it won't even be an issue.

    I'd love to hear when the baby comes! stacysmi at msn dot com

  9. I've just always felt like you're having a girl, but I could totally be wrong! I'm guessing girl though. nemmer88 at gmail dot com. :)

  10. So it sounds like you still have Margaret rear-facing? That's fabulous!! You're my hero. I get angry at my car for being so small that we can't have both girls rear facing.

    I'll guess girl, just because I think little girls are fun!

  11. Jessica9:20 PM

    My guess is another girl!
    Good luck :)

    ps, I'm new to your blog, it's really interesting!

  12. I'm guessing boy!
    With my last baby I pumped for a milk bank that sent it to africa. They provided me with a nice pump and all the supplies I needed to do it. It was a good feeling to know I was helping babies that couldn't get their own mama's milk because of death or disease

  13. I guess girl, too. I would like to have two girls in a row!

  14. Wow, lots of guesses for girls, but I'm guessing boy. No email needed, I'll just wait for your post after the baby is born.

    I'm excited for you. And you totally crack me up saying you could have your baby any time in the next three months.

  15. Im guessing a boy ;)

  16. I'm guessing a boy, but purely for the fact that I want an birth announcement. I think guessing the sex of babies is just silly.


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