Monday, June 28, 2010

Inquisition Monday

Natalie asked, "How has babywearing worked since you have been pregnant? As the mother of 1 (so far) I just wondered if you have managed to wear Margaret at all.

I do wear Margaret. It works like this:

It's mostly for grocery trips and library trips and things like the DMV line. Margaret doesn't like to sit in the seat on the grocery cart and I don't really have the means to chase her down the aisles at the moment, so when we get out of the car, I ask her, "Mei Tai?" And she gladly hops in. Sometimes I can get through a whole trip with her on my back; sometimes it's only half a trip, but it is helpful.

Library trips involve a decent walk downhill to the library and a grueling walk uphill on the way home that is too much for a 2 year old and too much for me to carry her in my arms. I could use a stroller, but our library branch is really small and if you bring a stroller, you have to park it outside, which I don't really like, so I don't. So I bring the mei tai and that helps a lot.

And I think the DMV is self-explanatory.

I only use the Mei Tai right now. It's light and has a limited amount of fabric. I think using a wrap would work, but the wrap I have that is strong enough for her is pretty heavy fabric-wise. I'll put the newborn in a wrap when it comes, but I have a lightweight one for the summer for that purpose. It is too lightweight to hold a toddler.

Also, I haven't been using slings because I like that the mei tai goes over both shoulders, and the model I have has wrap-like straps so it doesn't dig into my shoulders or neck under her weight (about 26 pounds now).

I do get lots of "looks" and a few curious questions for strangers when I wear her on my back. It's immensely helpful, though. I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear Margaret and the baby at the same time when it shows up, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.


  1. I just recently purchased an Ergobaby... I hope it's as simple as the Mei Tai looks. I've been searching for a carrier I can use for back carries for a couple months now. Live and learn!

  2. On the way home from the library just think of how great your calfs (do you spell it calves when you're refering to your legs and not the animal?) will look soon!
    Wearing her to all those places is genius. I think I'm going to have to look into a Mei Tai. I have a Moby Wrap, and while it's nice, it is HOT and by the time I've finally got it wrapped on Ava is like, there's no way I'm going in there!

  3. Oh, you guys look SO cute in that last picture! You with your pregnant belly and Margaret with her little smile! You just look like a wonderful mother. I haven't tried wearing Bug while I've been pregnant. It kind of makes me sad, but ever since he learned how to walk, he doesn't like to be worn. He is Mr. Independent!

  4. I never said I can successfully keep her in the mei tai for more than 10 minutes, Mallory. :) I try, but she likes to get out and run around. If I can do a quick grocery trip, I'll be lucky to keep her in it, but normally, she wants out quickly.

  5. Oh Margaret is so cute. I love all her curls. So excited for your new baby. Best wishes!

  6. Natalie12:15 PM

    Thanks so much answering my question. It is great to see that it is possible to wear your toddler whilst pregnant, I always hope that when my time for baby 2 comes, I will be able to still carry my first 'baby' - Thank you for giving me hope! And I love the look of the wrap straps on your Mei-tai - I use my Ergo now as my Mei-Tai straps are too narrow and can ache my shoulders (if I wear my son for too long) - In any case he wants to be in and out all the time anyway so I generally find my Ergo more convenient for the moment - but who knows how comfortable I will be when/if I get pregnant again!

  7. Natalie- I got the Mei Tai on etsy, if you want to find something with more wrap-like straps. There are pleats on it that give it the extra fabric to spread out.

    Also, I spread the straps over my breasts so they don't stick out in funny directions. I do that with my wraps, too. :)

  8. That's so cute! Camila said, "When are we going to visit Margaret? Is Heather gonna have another baby?" Hehe :)

  9. Mike H.2:35 PM

    That looks tough on the back, though.

  10. I am impressed! I am thinking about getting one. Which etsy shop did you go through?

    Over from mmb

  11. i have a friend with a little boy Margarets age and a newborn. she wears them both! you can do it!!!

  12. The shop I got it from is no longer open, which is sad. You might try looking for "mei tai" and "pleats"?

  13. I have another question for you: You keep talking about these home-remedies for pregnancy-related problems-- swollen feet, "pregnancy brain", etc.-- and I want to hear all your methods! What do you like and use to help your body, besides medicine.


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