Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inquisition Tuesday

This week I want to answer all the Inquisition Questions I've received, but not necessarily in the order I've received them. Sorry.

Because I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of blogging, I thought I'd start with an easy post. On Facebook, I was asked about our new apartment. Here's a little tour (though I need more pictures and a better looking place).

Our location is great: a couple of blocks from a yarn store and a little extra block to the library! Church is only a 10 minute drive, as is Pixar (on good days). I found a park that's only a 15 minute walk away, so that's nice. The area has lots of trees and hills. We looked at a sunnier apartment about 5 blocks away, but you could hear the freeway from it. We're far enough away that it's not noticeable at all. Our apartment is very cool and shaded. It will make for a great birthing environment.

The neighbors are mostly quiet. I don't feel like we can really complain about parties on weekends- that's normal. In the day, there is a neighbor who practices the piano every afternoon and that's nice. Yesterday I heard someone playing ping pong next door. The neighbors directly above our kitchen like to either dance to techno regularly or play video games. I can't tell which one.

The front room (from the kitchen):
This is pretty much it. A chair, book cases, and an entertainment center, and whatever knitting projects I'm working on at the time. In the corner you can see Margaret's new puppet theater. She likes it a lot! The lamp behind the chair is from the dumpster when the neighbors moved out. We had no lighting in this room when we moved in. There is another lamp (out of frame) that I picked up on the side of the road and it is very very ugly. It needs a new shade at the very least. We still need a couch and once we have that, we'll arrange it so it looks nice and put things on the walls. I think an area rug would put this place together well. Part of me doesn't want to spend time/money making this place look nice, though, since we don't plan on being here very long: 6-12 months at the longest.
The eat-in part of the kitchen.
Look at our beautiful table! And Margaret's new chair! We should be getting a real table and chairs later today, but this is how we've eaten for the past month and a half.

The rest of the kitchen:

The most notable features include the granite counter tops and our non-retro oven. It's white! And we're actually the first people to use it! AMAZING! No dishwasher, though. But lots of drawers and a good amount of counter space.

Our bedroom:
Sparse? Yes. Our mattress is on the floor and put sideways to maximize the amount of sleeping space. There is definitely enough room for 4 of us. We used our Christmas lights as temporary lighting and McKay liked them, so we still have them up. There is a lamp out of frame. That one was from Jena at Abundance Massage. We met online and when I mentioned we had no lighting, she offered it to us. She works at the temple regularly and we live just 10 minutes from the temple, so I met her up there and did some temple work and received a lamp and cookies. Ah- all our lamps have a story! I would like to get another piece of furniture so that the diapers have a better storage space. And again, no pictures up until we've finally decided how we want it and if it's worth setting everything up just to take it down again.

The bathroom:

It's about the same size as our last one- but it has cabinets! And also a granite counter top for the sink (hidden behind the counters on the left). No fan for the steam, but there is a window we keep open. It's actually very nice to get a cool breeze while you're taking a warm shower. The sliding doors involve more cleaning- we bought a squeegee and we wipe all the moisture off the inside of the stall and doors after each shower to make it easier to do.

There is another bedroom, but it's not much to see, so no picture right now. It is our "other" room where the computer is (on the floor), Margaret's toys are (in boxes on the floor), and my yarn is (in baskets on the... floor!) It's also where we hang dry our laundry when it's too cool to hang it on the railing outside. We string up a clothes line between the window and the closet and there you go!

Today, McKay's parents are bringing us a table and chairs, McKay's bedroom set from growing up, and his old desk. No couch, though.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Now I'm really curious--and you don't have to answer this if you don't feel like it--but how much are you paying in rent? I've always wondered how people manage to afford housing in large cities like SF...

  2. It's $1175 for rent and $50/month for a parking place in the garage under the building. Street parking is a pain, so that's pretty essential. I had originally budgeted $1200 MAX for rent, hoping for around $1050, but with our time limit (2 days to find a place), going over $25 wasn't bad. The contract is month to month, so we can find a different place and move relatively quickly if needed. I think after I have the baby, I'll start looking for apartment manager positions in the area. And since we can't get health insurance out here, we can't pay those premiums (darn!) so we actually have more room in our budget.


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