Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inquisition Wednesday

Both Lactating Girl and Lacee asked about my body cleaning routine with No 'Poo. So this is what I do:

I usually start off with some baking soda. Maybe around a teaspoon? I put it in my palm and let it get wet and make a little paste. Then I take some of the paste and scrub the parts of me that really need it- like my underarms. I figure baking soda is a deodorizer, so scrubbing it under my arms is probably a good thing. You have to be careful, though, if your underarms are freshly shaved- it can sting. I also use this paste wherever else needs a good scrubbing.

For places that don't need a lot of scrubbing, like my belly, I sometimes use a natural soap. We have some goat's milk soap from the farmer's market last year. I even have (but haven't tried yet because I want to use up the goat's milk soap first) some breastmilk soap given to me by a friend who made it from her own breastmilk! I'm excited to try that once our goat's milk soap is done. She said it was the best soap she ever used. If it's great, I think I might try making my own once I have a baby and my supply shows up again!

And that's pretty much it. I actually use the baking soda paste on my scalp, too, so my routine is pretty much: make a paste, use it where needed, use soap and then rinse my hair with the ACV mixture if I feel like it. I actually take shorter showers than McKay does now! Yay for saving water!

---Oh and update on our apartment: we now have a kitchen table and some old folding chairs, so the cardboard boxes are gone! And we have a desk and another dresser! We have a place for the baby's clothes now! McKay's parents brought them all by yesterday and we're transitioning to having furniture (still a lot on of the floor in the office room!). I may take pictures once it's all done. We still need a couch and I would like a table for my sewing machine, but it's looking much better!


  1. I am SO curious as to how she made breastmilk soap. I've read something of making breastmilk ice cream, but soap is a new idea for me. . .

  2. I have been wanting to make breast milk soap for a long time now, but my hubby thinks it's weird. Plus, the only recipe I can find says you need like 6 cups of milk!!! 6 cups!!! It would take me a least a week to pump all of that! Of course, it does make several bars of it may be worth it?


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