Monday, June 07, 2010

Rebuilding the Bubble

I don't want to be too hard on my new ward. They are seriously great. There's a knitting group! A book group! A movie group! They're all going to see Hairspray in July! There is a lady who bakes to manage her migraines and then she calls you up randomly and says, "Hey. Do you want a cake?"

"Why, yes, yes I do!"

The ward is going to do a baby shower for me also. I was a little hesitant to accept the offer. I don't really like baby showers. I had a couple with Margaret and they were fun, but you get a lot of stuff you don't need. I got at least 7 bottles of baby lotion the first time around. Even if your kid has chronic dry skin, you don't need 7 bottles of the stuff, I promise. Also, they tend to involve lots of asking about birth plans. But the ward will do it AFTER I have the baby, which actually sounds nice. There won't be any pre-baby fears, just after-baby shock. And I think I can deal with that better. Plus we'll actually know the sex of the baby at that point. Of course, they want me to register at the usual Big Box Baby store- actually requested it. I have no idea what I would want from there. Can I register at Ikea instead?

So that's fun.

And I wanted to share a happy bubble story from yesterday. I sat next to an older lady in Relief Society. I guess that's not surprising- most of the ward is over 50, I would guess. Anyway, she straight out asked me, "Where are you having the baby?"

"At home."

And without skipping a beat, "In the bathtub, I hope?"

"No, our bathtub is too small. We're getting a pool."

"Oh. My bathtub would be big enough if you want to come over."

Hahaha! Now, I didn't mention the UC, but at least the homebirth idea wasn't too offensive to her. I know there's support out there, I just need to stick my neck out and risk the non-support to get it.

And eventually this blog will stop being so journal-y and more informational. Probably when that harddrive comes in and I'll be able to blog while nursing again.


  1. You may be able to find some useful stuff at the Big Box Baby Store. They usually have a small selection of products to appeal to the crunchy sort. If nothing else, register for books, and lasinoh!

  2. Haha - just yesterday I playfully asked my husband if we could register at IKEA instead, too! :)

  3. Yeah- they have Baby Bjorn potties at that store. I think it would be great to get one for ECing. :)

  4. You said you will need a new carseat for the little one, right? Maybe just make a registry with just that and some other small items and maybe they will all pitch in to get you a gift card or the carseat.

  5. Wow, very cool ward!

  6. That comment from Elita is a great idea. Maybe you can ask whoever's planning to have everyone go in on it together.

    I refused all offers of baby showers when I was preggers; I just didn't want to offend people when I said "Oh, we're cloth diapering, Oh, we're co-sleeping, oh, baby lotion has minerals in it which is bad for baby, oh, we don't want any bottles or formula in the house, it decreases the success of BF, oh, we don't want onsies, their too hard to EC in.

    Because after you take all the junk out, what's left? Nothing we needed, so why have a baby shower? But if you have everyone go in on a carseat; that is an awesome idea.

  7. Your ward sounds great!!

    What a lovely lady :)

    I know how lovely it was to have another woman around who wasn't scared of birth when I had my UBAC last year!!

    I'm thinking of you a lot, you're due fairly close to my birth last year I think :D I will be praying all goes well for you guys!!

  8. Well, actually the plan is to get Margaret a new car seat that can keep her rear-facing longer and giving the baby her car seat. :) And if we go too long without the extra car seat, we won't be able to go anywhere with both kids- and the baby shower is after the birth. But then, I don't plan on going anywhere that requires both a car and a bra in the first 6 weeks, so it might not be a problem. :)

  9. I have a question totally unrelated to this post. :)

    I was reading earlier about your no 'poo adventures and you mentioned you also use baking soda to clean your body... how exactly do you do that?

    I'm glad to know that there are other environmentally conscious LDS women out there. My family personally thinks I've gone crazy with the changes I've made lately...

  10. What an awesome comment about homebirth! A few years ago I was at the capital because of the proposed midwife bill. An older gentleman was there for something else and asked what I was there for. I told him that there was a push to put more restrictions on homebirths. He said, "I was born at home. What's the big deal?" :)

  11. Hey Lacee: Check out Mormon Mommy Blogs:

    Heather: Wow, you have a friendly ward! It is tough having a shower when you don't want the stuff people usually give. I second the idea of registering for books. Why not have a book-themed shower? I don't know if you have a Babies-r-us but ours carries the Baby Bjorn Little Potty and books.

    My step-sister is having a baby shower this weekend and her invitation says right on it "no diapers needed."

  12. Lacee- I'm thinking of doing a week of Inquisitions next week because I'm so far behind. I'll answer that question then. :)

    And to everyone else- I started registering and in the notes I mentioned "No Gerber Anything Please." I don't want to sound too picky, but I definitely put my foot down on anything owned by Nestle. Adding "No diapers" might be a good idea too. And "No baby feeding supplies." With CLW, we just went straight into using adult bowls/cups/plates/silverware and never needed plastic. In fact, we got rid of all our sippy cups because handwashing them was annoying and Margaret learned how to handle our glass carefully because that's what she was given.

  13. I also have an unrelated question.

    Do you take any natural supplements in pregnancy? Do you take prenatals, fish oil, or do the Nature's Sunshine 5 W labor prep or anything? Just wondering on your thoughts about supplements. My midwife suggested the 5 W for me but I don't know much about it. I tend to not like prenatals cause I feel I get it all from my diet but I do take fish oil. Just wondering :)


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